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Le programme de Donald Trump à la loupe

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Not so super

Wonder Woman’s tenure as a United Nations honorary ambassador came to an abrupt end in December, less than two months after the appointment of the comic book character sparked...

Not so super

3, 2, 1… ignition!

A team of British scientists launched a meat pie into space. The aim? To see if the meat-and-potato pastry's molecular structure is affected by its wobbly journey above the Earth, thereby making...

3, 2, 1… ignition!


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8 calls/day

In the UK, Childline has been receiving an average of eight calls a day from children and adolescents about gender dysphoria and transgender...


About 1 in 6 U.S. adults reported taking at least one psychiatric drug, usually an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication, and most had been doing so...

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Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher has topped a Women’s Hour list of the most influential women of the past 70 years, a choice that even the judges admit was the source of "enormous...

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