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  • 70,000

    Birds took the blame for bringing down the jetliner that "Sully" Sullenberger landed on the Hudson River near New York eight years ago. They have been paying for it with their lives ever since. An Associated Press analysis of bird-killing programmes at the New York City area's three major airports found that nearly 70,000 gulls, starling, geese and other birds have been slaughtered, mostly by shooting and trapping, since the 2009 accident, and it is not clear if those killings have made the skies safer.

    to take, took, taken the blame for/porter la responsabilité de - jetliner/avion de ligne - to land/faire atterrir - gull/mouette - starling/étourneau - goose (pl. geese)/oie, ici bernache - to slaughter/massacrer, abattre - to trap/piéger, capturer

    Publié le 30/01/2017

  • 8 calls/day

    In the UK, Childline has been receiving an average of eight calls a day from children and adolescents about gender dysphoria and transgender issues, more than double the number received the year before. Record numbers of children sought counselling about gender identity from the NSPCC’s helpline during 2015-16, with 2,796 calls being made compared with 1,299 calls in the previous 12 months. Childline received calls from children as young as 11 who said their biological sex did not match their gender identity. The calls ranged from anxiety about telling parents, experience of transphobic bullying and mental distress caused by long delays in receiving medical treatment.

    average/moyenne - issue/question(nement) - to seek, sought, sought/chercher (à obtenir) - counselling/conseils, aide - to match/correspondre à - to range (from... to)/aller (de... à) - bullying/brimades, intimidation, acharnement - distress/détresse, souffrance - delay/ici, (temps d'attente

    Publié le 27/12/2016

  • 1.2%

    Inflation has hit its highest level in more than two years thanks to the sharp depreciation of the pound since the Brexit vote, according to the latest prices report from the Office for National Statistics. The Consumer Prices Index rose 1.2 per cent in the year to November, up from 0.9 per cent in October and more than the 1.1 per cent increase City of London analysts had expected. That was the fastest rate of increase since October 2014.

    to hit, hit, hit/atteindre - sharp/ici, fort - pound (£)/livre (sterling) - latest/dernier (en date) - report/rapport, étude - consumer/consommateur - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter - increase/augmentation, hausse - to expect/s'attendre à, anticiper, prédire - rate/taux, vitesse

    Publié le 27/12/2016

  • 1/6

    About 1 in 6 U.S. adults reported taking at least one psychiatric drug, usually an antidepressant or an anti-anxiety medication, and most had been doing so for a year or more, according to a new analysis. The report is based on 2013 government survey data on some 242 million adults and provides the most fine-grained snapshot of prescription drug use for psychological and sleep problems to date.

    about/environ - at least/au moins - drug/ici, médicament - medication/ici, médicament - so/ici, cela - survey/étude, enquête, sondage - data/données, statistiques - to provide/fournir, offrir, donner - fine-grained/détaillé, précis - snapshot/ici, aperçu - prescription/(délivré sur) ordonnance - to date/à ce jour

    Publié le 27/12/2016

  • 500

    India's move to scrap 500 and 1,000 rupee notes is poor economics, a leading economist says. Kaushik Basu, the former chief economist for the World Bank, says the "collateral damage" is likely to outstrip its benefits. The overnight ban on the notes last month was intended to crack down on corruption and so-called "black money" or illegal cash holdings. But it sparked scenes of chaos outside banks and ATMs.

    to scrap/supprimer - note/billet (de banque) - to be poor economics/ici, être une mesure contreproductive - leading/de premier plan - to outstrip/dépasser - overnight/du jour au lendemain - ban/interdiction - to crack down on/ici, enrayer - cash holdings/avoirs en liquide - to spark/déclencher - ATM = automated teller machine/DAB, distributeur automatique

    Publié le 1/12/2016

  • 130,000

    The personal data of more than 130,000 sailors in a re-enlistment approval database was stolen from a contractor’s laptop, the US Navy disclosed last month. The Navy was notified in October by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services that a computer supporting a Navy contract was “compromised,” and that the names and social security numbers of 134,386 current and former sailors were accessed by unknown persons, the service said in a news release.

    data/données, informations - sailor/marin - re-enlistment/réengagement - contractor/sous-traitant - laptop/ordinateur portable - to disclose/révéler - news release/commmuniqué de presse

    Publié le 1/12/2016

  • 200

    More than 200 detainees in UK immigration centres staged hunger strikes in a three-month period, the Guardian has learned, prompting warnings of “desperation, frustration and helplessness” among asylum seekers arriving in Britain. According to figures released following a Freedom of Information request, 218 people refused to eat in July, August and September this year. It is thought to be the first time data revealing hunger strikes in detention centres has been made public.

    detainee/détenu - to stage/ici, entreprendre, faire - hunger strike/grève de la faim - to prompt/susciter - warning/avertissement, mise en garde - helplessness/impuissance - asylum seeker/demandeur d'asile - request/demande

    Publié le 1/12/2016

  • 100-member

    Republicans keep control of Congress - The Republican Party has retained control of both houses of the U.S. Congress in elections on November 8, preserving majorities that could provide considerable legislative muscle to Republican President-elect Donald Trump. Republicans defended vulnerable Senate seats in swing states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, and New Hampshire, where a particularly strong Democratic turnout had the potential to go against their candidates. But with two Senate races still undecided, Republicans had locked up a slim majority in the 100-member upper house, allowing them to steer key votes over their Democratic rivals.

    to retain/conserver – to preserve/préserver – to provide/fournir – swing states/États américains où aucun des deux principaux partis politiques ne domine le vote populaire – turnout/taux de participation – to go against/aller à l’encontre de – to lock up/verrouiller - slim/mince – upper house/chambre haute – to steer/gouverner

    Publié le 9/11/2016

  • 850,000

    In the UK, more than 850,000 public sector jobs could be lost by 2030 through automation, according to a study conducted by Oxford University and Deloitte. The business advisory firm, found that the 1.3m administrative jobs across the public sector had the highest chance of being automated. But even teachers, police officers and social workers could be replaced, at least in part, allowing the government to either free up more staff for frontline work or reduce the number of workers on the payroll.

    through/ici, à cause, en raison, du fait de - automation/automatisation - advisory(en)/conseil - chance/probabilité, risque - even/même - at least/(au/tout) du moins - to allow/permettre à - either... or/soit... soit - to free up/libérer, dégager, débloquer - frontline/(de) première ligne - on the payroll/au registre des effectifs

    Publié le 8/11/2016

  • 20x

    The richest one per cent of the UK population now owns more than 20 times the total wealth of the poorest fifth, making the country one of the most unequal in the developed world, according to analysis by Oxfam. The figures suggest that around 634,000 Britons are worth 20 times as much as the poorest 13 million and the charity urged Theresa May to take action to close the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots". Oxfam's report suggested that the massive inequality in British society contributed to the vote to leave the European Union and called for sweeping reforms to big business.

    to own/posséder, détenir – wealth/richesse, fortune - according to/d'après – figure/chiffre, pourcentage – Briton/Britannique - to be worth/valoir, représenter (une valeur de) – charity/organisation caritative - to urge/exhorter; ici, appeler - Theresa May/actuel Premier ministre (conservateur) du Royaume-Uni - to take, took, taken action/(ré)agir, prendre des mesures - to close the gap/combler le fossé, amoindrir l'écart - "haves"/personnes qui "ont", détiennent des biens; ici, les (personnes) riches - "have nots"/personnes qui "n'ont pas", ne détiennent pas de biens; ici, les (personnes) pauvres – report/rapport, étude – sweeping/vaste

    Publié le 29/09/2016

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