Les insolites

  • Behind the wheel

    Behind the wheel

    A 32-year-old man has been criticised by police after he was caught using a frying pan instead of a steering wheel in Adelaide, Australia, last month. Police were called to reports of a suspicious red Mazda sedan loitering and approached its driver after it entered the car park of a nearby unit block. While speaking with the driver, police noticed the man's homemade steering wheel, and that the car's number plate had been altered. Police said the car was also found to be unregistered and uninsured and had recently been defected, but the defect label had been removed. The driver said he was “remorseful” and acknowledged that the DIY wheel was a "reckless and dangerous" idea.

    behind the wheel/au volant - to catch , caught, caught/ici, interpeler - frying pan/poêle à frire - instead of/au lieu de - steering wheel/volant (de voiture) – report/ici, signalement – sedan/berline - to loiter/ici, rouler lentement (de manière suspecte) - car park/"parking", aire de stationnement – unit/block pâté de maisons (dont les numéros sont compris entre 1 et 99) – while/alors, pendant que - to notice/remarquer – homemade/"fait maison", artisanal - number plate/plaque d'immatriculation – unregistered/non immatriculé – uninsured/non assuré – defect/défaut, anomalie – label/étiquette - to remove/retirer, enlever, ôter – remorseful/repenti (remorse/remords) - to acknowledge/reconnaître - DIY = Do It Yourself/"fait maison", artisanal, amateur – reckless/imprudent

    Publié le 30/09/2016
  • Bad taste

    Bad taste

    An Egyptian artist has been forced to change a sculpture honoring fallen soldiers after it was criticized as apparently depicting sexual harassment. Mother of the Martyr features a slender peasant woman, a common representation of Egypt, being held by a helmeted soldier. But residents in the city of the Sohag claim it is inappropriate. The concrete statue, located close to a girls' school in the city, has yet to be formally unveiled. Along with criticism of an apparent unwanted advance on a woman, others suggest the 8.5-metre-tall artwork depicts Egypt's military seducing the country.

    taste/goût - to depict/dépeindre, représenter, montrer – harassment/harcèlement - to feature/(re)présenter – slender/mince – peasant/paysan(ne) – helmeted/casqué - to claim/prétendre – concrete/(en) béton - to be located/être situé, se trouver - [it] has yet to be [...]/litt. [elle] doit encore être [...]; ici, [elle] n'a pas encore été [...] - to unveil/dévoiler, inaugurer - along with/ici, en plus de – artwork/œuvre d’art

    Publié le 30/09/2016
  • Wrong lunchboxes

    Wrong lunchboxes

    In the UK, parents are still packing their children’s school lunchboxes with junk food, despite high-profile awareness campaigns on childhood obesity and guidance provided by consumer groups, research has found. The Leeds University study published earlier this month found just 1.6% of packed lunches for primary school children met tough nutritional standards set for their classmates eating in the school canteen. About half of all primary school pupils take a packed lunch to school.

    to pack a lunchbox/ici, préparer une gamelle - junk food/aliments non diététiques (trop gras-sucrés) - high-profile/très médiatisé – awareness/ici, de sensibilisation – childhood/chez l'enfant, infantile – guidance/conseils - to provide/fournir, apporter - consumer group/association de consommateurs - to find, found, found/ici, montrer - to meet, met, met/satisfaire-correspondre à, respecter – tough/ici, strict – standard/norme - to set, set, set/fixer, établir – classmate/camarade – pupil/élève

    Publié le 30/09/2016
  • Would you do anything for love?

    Would you do anything for love?

    What sacrifices are you willing to make for love? Brits are more willing to move house (73 per cent), than become a vegetarian (14 per cent) for the sake of their long-term relationship, with very few willing to convert religion (5 per cent). Sixty-six per cent said they'd stop smoking and 45 per cent said they'd stop drinking, 29 per cent said they'd give up a job and 14 per cent said they'd ditch a friend. More than four in 10 people would dump someone who wasn't willing to change.

    to be willing to/être prêt à - to move house/déménager - for the sake of/pour - to give, gave, given up a job/ici, démissionner - to ditch/laisser tomber - to dump/plaquer, larguer

    Publié le 22/08/2016
  • A hard dog’s life

    A hard dog’s life

    A 7-year-old dachshund named Winnie Pooh was left a $100,000 trust fund from her late owner, but isn’t receiving money, according to a new lawsuit in New York. The Manhattan Surrogate’s Court suit was filed by Winnie Pooh’s caretaker, Gramercy Park resident Virginia Hanlon. Hanlon was a friend and neighbour of Winnie Pooh’s owner, Patricia Bowers, an unmarried economist who died in 2010. Bowers appointed Hanlon as the dog’s guardian and another friend and lawyer named Harriet Harkavy as executor of her estate. The will says Harkavy must pay Hanlon income from the trust on a quarterly basis for Winnie Pooh’s care, but the dog’s guardian says she’s only received a few $10 cheques. Hanlon, citing ASPCA guidelines, says Winnie Pooh requires $6,000 yearly for routine care, dog walkers, feeding and medical procedures.

    dachshund/teckel - Winnie (the) Pooh/Winnie l'ourson - trust fund/fonds en fidéicommis - late/disparu, décédé - lawsuit/procès, action judiciaire - Surrogate's Court/tribunal des successions - to file/déposer, ici intenter - caretaker/gardien, responsable - to appoint/nommer, désigner - guardian/tuteur - lawyer/avocat - executor of an estate/exécuteur testamentaire - income/revenu - quarterly/trimestriel - ASPCA= American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - guideline/ligne directrice, directive

    Publié le 22/08/2016
  • Let it pee

    Let it pee

    It’s hard to feel like you’re being productive drinking a beer – unless you’re at Sudwerk Brewery in Davis, California. Researchers have set up a urinal at the brewery designed to capture urine and turn it into a sustainable fertilizer. Every time customers use the "Pee-hive," they’re contributing essential material to scientific research. Researcher Harold Leverenz explains that urine – and the valuable nutrients it contains – is typically flushed through pipes to a treatment plant, and then dumped with wastewater. In this project, the researchers collect urine straight from the urinal and then separate out the important nutrients. These nutrients could prove to be a valuable source of fertilizers, which otherwise require a significant amount of natural-gas energy to produce.

    Let it pee/jeu de mots entre to pee, uriner et la chanson des Beatles Let it be - brewery/brasserie - sustainable/durable, écologique - fertilizer/engrais - hive/ruche - valuable/précieux - nutrient/nutriment - typically/généralement - to flush/ici, évacuer - pipe/canalisation - treatment plant/station d'épuration - to dump/déverser, rejeter - wastewater/eaux usées - to collect/recueillir - straight from/directement à partir de

    Publié le 22/08/2016
  • Big pie fight

    Big pie fight

    1,186 people broke the world record for the largest shaving-cream pie fight at the annual Another Fine Fest in Ulverston, held in honour of comic actor Stan Laurel, who was born in the town. Ceri Hutton, from Team Pie, said it was "a moment of pure joy when the pies started to fly". Organisers have to send evidence to Guinness to confirm the new world record, but they said they were confident of validation having followed official counting protocol with a "huge electronic turnstile" and thrown nearly 3,000 pies of the regulation size of 16.5cm for one minute. The previous record was set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2015.

    pie/tourte, tarte - to break, broke, broken/ici, battre - to shave/(se) raser – fine/beau, superbe - to be held/se tenir, être organisé – honour/ici, hommage - evidence (inv.)/preuves – huge/énorme; ici, géant – turnstile/tourniquet - to throw, threw, thrown/jeter, lancer - to set, set, set/établir

    Publié le 30/06/2016
  • Shame


    An 11-year-old girl in Battle Creek, Michigan, told police she tried to kill her mother after she was grounded for smoking. An argument then broke out between mother and daughter. Detectives said that things then calmed down for a bit, and that is when the mother went to bed. Then, police said that her daughter grabbed a butcher's knife from the kitchen. "[She] walked to the room where the mother was at. "She made a statement to the mother that, how she wished the mother would die," said Det. Sgt. Troy Gilleylen, with the Battle Creek Police Department. The 30-year-old mother called 911 when her daughter lost control. Gilleylen said at one point there was a physical confrontation and the daughter pushed her mother down, but never cut or stabbed her with the knife. When officers arrived on scene, they said the girl, "admitted that she was attempting to kill her mother." She was taken into custody.

    shame/honte - to be grounded/ne pas avoir le droit de sortir – argument/dispute - to break, broke, broken out/éclater (fig.) - for a bit/(pendant) un moment - to grab/s’emparer de – butcher/boucher – statement/déclaration – department/service - to stab/poignarder - to attempt/tenter - to take, took, taken into custody/placer en détention

    Publié le 30/06/2016
  • Bad luck

    Bad luck

    Servers at a Thai fusion restaurant in Edgewater, Colorado, thought they’d hit the jackpot last month when a customer dropped a $1,088 tip in cash for a $60 meal. Unfortunately, the diner returned to the Thailicious eatery the following morning to ask for the bills back. It turns out he’d drunk a little too much alcohol and had mistakenly stuffed the cash inside the checkbook, The Denver Post reported. According to Fox News, he said he accidentally handed over a stash of $100 bills instead of $1 notes.

    to hit, hit, hit/ici, gagner, remporter – customer/client - to drop/ici, laisser – tip/pourboire – unfortunately/malheureusement – eatery/restaurant - bill (US)/billet de banque - to turn out/s’avérer – mistakenly/par erreur - to stuff/fourrer; ici, placer, déposer – checkbook/ici, livret-pochette contenant l'addition (check/en anglais américain) - to report/rapporter - according to/selon - to hand over/remettre – stash/ici, liasse - instead of/au lieu de

    Publié le 30/06/2016
  • No throwing

    No throwing

    A university has reportedly banned the tradition of throwing mortarboards into the air after graduation on health and safety grounds. The University of East Anglia said the decision was taken after a number of graduates were injured by falling hats, including one who was taken to A&E after being cut on their face, according to a statement published by student newspaper The Tab. Instead, students have been advised mortarboards could be added digitally to photographs after the event - for a charge of £8. Law students at the university were sent instructions suggesting they could "mime" the throwing action. Penguin Photography told them: "As well as being safer, this will have the added advantage that even more of the students' faces will be seen in this photograph."

    Publié le 3/06/2016

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