Les insolites

  • 3, 2, 1… ignition!

    3, 2, 1… ignition!

    A team of British scientists launched a meat pie into space. The aim? To see if the meat-and-potato pastry's molecular structure is affected by its wobbly journey above the Earth, thereby making it a slightly less stodgy snack, and to find out how well it would be cooked by the friction from re-entry. According to the organisers, this giant leap for pie-kind reached a height of 29 miles, well into the "near space" region of the upper stratosphere, but short of the Kármán line at 100km where the Earth's atmosphere fizzles out and "outer space" officially starts. The entire voyage took around two hours and it eventually touched down 38 miles from its launch site, near the Forest of Bowland. Organisers have yet to release their analysis of the pie's post-landing structure and consistency.

    ignition/allumage - to launch/lancer, propulser - pie/tourte - aim/but, objectif - pastry/pâte; ici, tourte - wobbly/instable, chaotique - journey/voyage - thereby/de ce fait - slightly/légèrement - stodgy/lourd, bourratif - to find, found, found out/découvrir, savoir - leap/pas, avancée - pie-kind/réf. à mankind (l')humanité - to reach/atteindre - height/hauteur, altitude - mile = 1,609 km - upper/supérieur - short of/en deçà de - to fizzle out/disparaître - around/environ - eventually/finalement - to touch down/atterrir - [they] have yet to/[ils] doivent encore, n'ont pas encore - to release/rendre public - to land/atterrir

    Publié le 27/12/2016
  • Do you scream for icecream?

    Do you scream for icecream?

    An Italian cardiologist has created a unique gelato which is not only delicious but may also help you live a healthier life. Researcher Valerio Sanguigni, who is a professor at The University of Rome, has patented a recipe for an ice cream with antioxidant properties. His tasty creation has proven health benefits and can improve sport performance in young people.

    to scream/crier - gelato/glace (en italien) - healthy/sain / to patent/faire breveter - recipe/recette - tasty/goûteux, savoureux - benefit/bienfait - to improve/améliorer, augmenter

    Publié le 27/12/2016
  • Not so super

    Not so super

    Wonder Woman’s tenure as a United Nations honorary ambassador came to an abrupt end in December, less than two months after the appointment of the comic book character sparked outcries of protest. Plans had called for the use of Wonder Woman in an empowerment campaign for women and girls into 2017, according to the comic book’s publisher. The superhero’s appointment as UN honorary ambassador to fight for gender equality prompted angry criticism that the choice sent the wrong messages. Nearly 45,000 people signed an online petition asking the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, to reconsider. "Although the original creators may have intended Wonder Woman to represent a strong and independent ‘warrior’ woman with a feminist message, the reality is that the character’s current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit," the petition read.

    tenure/exercice (d’une fonction) - to come, came, come to an end/prendre fin - appointment/nomination - comic book/bande dessinée - character/personnage - to spark/déclencher, provoquer, susciter - outcry/cris d'indignation - empowerment/émancipation, antonomisation - according to/selon - publisher/éditeur - gender equality/égalité des sexes - to prompt/déclencher, provoquer, susciter - to reconsider/revoir sa position sur - although/bien que - to intend/ici, vouloir - warrior/guerrier, combattant - current/actuel - iteration/version, adaptation; ici, représentation - large breasted/à la poitrine imposante - proportions/ici, mensurations - scantily clad/légèrement vêtu, en petite tenue - shimmery/scintillant, brillant - thigh-baring/révélant les cuisses - body suit/combinaison, justaucorps, body

    Publié le 27/12/2016
  • Risky


    There are scenic bike trails and thrilling bike trails and downright frightening-looking bike trails, and the daunting White Line in Sedona, Arizona, with a near-vertical drop off the edge if you blow the corner or slide out. Brave James, from Phoenix, Arizona, and pals Nate and Roman followed the infamous path last month. The thrill-seekers, aged between 26 and 42, have been coming to the stunning location for two years and decided to film it using the drone. They were welcomed by a cheering crowd after completing the terror trail.

    scenic/magnifique, spectaculaire - bike trail/piste cyclable - thrilling/impressionnant, excitant - downright/carrément - daunting/effrayant - drop/pente - edge/bord - to blow, blew, blown the corner/ici, râter le virage - to slide, slid, slid out/déraper - pal/copain, pote - infamous/(tristement) célèbre - path/piste - thrill-seeker/amateur de sensations fortes - stunning/sublime - cheering/en liesse - crowd/foule

    Publié le 1/12/2016
  • A last presidential thanksgiving

    A last presidential thanksgiving

    President Barack Obama with first lady Michelle Obama and some relatives served Thanksgiving meals to residents of the Washington Armed Forces Retirement Home on Nov. 23. The campus is home to 405 previously enlisted service members, who represent every campaign since World War I. Obama served the turkey and gravy and briefly chatted with veterans and workers as they went through the line.

    relative/proche, parent (membre de la famille) - meal/repas - retirement home/maison de retraite - previously/auparavant, autrefois - enlisted/enrôlé - service member/militaire, soldat - turkey/dinde - gravy/sauce au jus de viande - to chat/bavarder - to go, went, gone through the line/faire la queue

    Publié le 1/12/2016
  • Now printing

    Now printing

    Police in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, are working on a case they are hoping to get to the bottom of. Officers were baffled by a particularly unusual print detected on a glass door, after a break-in at the local community hall. While the scene was being dusted for prints, a shape from a pantless bare bottom began to appear. It is still not known exactly why the offender left the unexpected mark behind. "They're having a joke, or they're actually trying to lean up against the door to break in, but I don't know why they'd do it pantless," crime scene sergeant Shane Martin said.

    to print/imprimer (print/empreinte) - case/affaire - to get, got, got to the bottom of/tirer au clair - baffled/déconcerté, perplexe - unusual/inhabituel - break-in/cambriolage - to dust/épousseter - shape/forme - pantless/sans pantalon - bare/nu - bottom/derrière, fesses - offender/coupable - unexpected/inattendu - joke/plaisanterie - to lean, leaned or leant up against/s'appuyer contre

    Publié le 1/12/2016
  • Public art

    Public art

    A 55 feet tall naked woman made of steel now towers over the entrance of a tech campus in the San Leandro neighbourhood of San Francisco. At the base of the 13,000-pound statue, named Truth Is Beauty, is a message in 10 languages that says: "What would the world be like if women were safe?" "As someone who is a survivor of rape and sexual abuse myself, I realised that this represented my story," said Deborah Acosta, San Leandro's Chief Innovation Officer. Acosta wanted to make a home for the sculpture, made by artist Marco Cochrane, after it was displayed at Burning Man in the Nevada desert in 2013. "The messaging is to look past the skin, the inner strength and the beauty that all of us have," she said. But not everyone sees it that way. "I think it's very inappropriate to have like a naked body just like that. And it's huge, you can't miss it," said one resident.

    foot(pl. feet)/pied (30,48 cm) - naked/nu, dénudé - steel/acier - to tower over/trôner au-dessus de, surplomber - neighbourhood/quartier - pound/livre (453,6 grammes) - what would the world be like [...]?/comment serait le monde [...] ? - safe/en sécurité - rape/viol - chief/en chef - to make, made, made a home for/ici, trouver un lieu qui puisse accueillir - to display/exposer - past/au-delà de - skin/peau - inner/intérieur - strength/force - way/façon; that way/du même œil - huge/énorme, gigantesque, imposant - to miss/rater, "louper"

    Publié le 8/11/2016
  • A big crash

    A big crash

    McKinley County (New Mexico) Sheriff’s deputies responded to a crash last month after a suspected drunk driver crashed into a medical helicopter and fire truck on Highway 566 near Gallup. Deputies say a landing zone for a medical transport helicopter had been set up by the fire department for transport of a patient from a separate crash on Navajo Route 1149. The reported drunk driver went around the barricade on Highway 566, crashing into the helicopter and fire truck. The helicopter was unoccupied, not running and rotors were not spinning, according to McKinely County Sheriff’s Office. McKinley County Sheriff’s Office says the suspected drunk driver, now identified as 26-year-old Glenn Livingston of Gallup, has been arrested and is charged with aggravated DWI, resisting, evading and or obstructing an officer among other charges, reports KRQE.

    county/comté (aux États-Unis, collectivité locale la plus importante à l’intérieur d’un État) - deputy/adjoint - drunk/ivre - fire truck/camion de pompiers - highway/autoroute, route nationale - landing/atterrissage - to set, set, set up/mettre en place, organiser - department/service - to report/rapporter, déclarer, signaler - to run, ran, run/fonctionner, tourner - to spin, spun, spun/tourner (vite) - according to/d'après - to charge sb with/accuser, inculper qn (de), mettre qn en examen (pour) - DWI = Driving While Intoxicated/conduite en état d'ivresse - among/parmi - KRQE/chaîne de télévision

    Publié le 8/11/2016
  • What’s this in you pants?

    What’s this in you pants?

    According to ABC News, a 39-year-old man has been arrested in Adelaide's north after stealing two mirrors from a car and putting them "down his pants", police allege. "Police were conducting patrols when they stopped and spoke to a man walking along the road," a South Australian officers statement said. "The man was searched with police locating two [Holden] Torana wing mirrors down his pants along with a screwdriver and allen-key set. The man from Salisbury East has been granted bail and will appear in Elizabeth Magistrates Court this month.

    Publié le 8/11/2016
  • Behind the wheel

    Behind the wheel

    A 32-year-old man has been criticised by police after he was caught using a frying pan instead of a steering wheel in Adelaide, Australia, last month. Police were called to reports of a suspicious red Mazda sedan loitering and approached its driver after it entered the car park of a nearby unit block. While speaking with the driver, police noticed the man's homemade steering wheel, and that the car's number plate had been altered. Police said the car was also found to be unregistered and uninsured and had recently been defected, but the defect label had been removed. The driver said he was “remorseful” and acknowledged that the DIY wheel was a "reckless and dangerous" idea.

    behind the wheel/au volant - to catch , caught, caught/ici, interpeler - frying pan/poêle à frire - instead of/au lieu de - steering wheel/volant (de voiture) – report/ici, signalement – sedan/berline - to loiter/ici, rouler lentement (de manière suspecte) - car park/"parking", aire de stationnement – unit/block pâté de maisons (dont les numéros sont compris entre 1 et 99) – while/alors, pendant que - to notice/remarquer – homemade/"fait maison", artisanal - number plate/plaque d'immatriculation – unregistered/non immatriculé – uninsured/non assuré – defect/défaut, anomalie – label/étiquette - to remove/retirer, enlever, ôter – remorseful/repenti (remorse/remords) - to acknowledge/reconnaître - DIY = Do It Yourself/"fait maison", artisanal, amateur – reckless/imprudent

    Publié le 30/09/2016

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