ISO 20121

London 2012 has contributed to the development of a new global sustainability standard that helps event organisers reduce carbon emissions and waste, manage the biodiversity of venues and achieve a diverse and inclusive workforce. Launched last month, ISO 20121 will potentially be part of a very influential global legacy. The standard, developed by co-opted experts from 30 countries, provides a common international language for sustainability in the events industry and a practical benchmarking tool. It takes a management systems approach for running more sustainable events, which should lead to improvements in key sustainability issues such as venue selection, transport, recycling or reusing demolition waste, creating a sustainable food strategy, promoting healthy living and creating skills, employment and business legacies.

sustainability/durabilité – waste/déchets – venue/lieu, site – to achieve/réaliser, créer – inclusive/ouvert, non-discriminatoire – to launch/lancer – legacy/héritage, legs – benchmarking/étalonnage, analyse comparative – tool/outil – improvement/amélioration – issue/question, sujet – venue/lieu, site – skill/compétence, qualification

Publié le 20/11/2012

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