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ILS ONT TOUS UNE TRENTAINE D'ANNÉES et vivent dans des pays anglophones. Que font-ils ? Quels sont leurs rêves ? Leurs attentes ? Leur expression préférée ? A New York ou à Perth, à Londres ou Johannesburg, chacun nous livre son sentiment sur le monde qui les entoure.

 Maria, 31 - London  Campbell, 28 - Melbourne

My generation is highly superficial, no longer striving to achieve wealth through studies but reality TV! Living in London is all about executing your aspirations into reality. There is so much opportunity here and this age makes you realise this! My desire is to work further in management, eventually running my own business. "Dream big, work hard!"



Melbourne is a great place to live in your thirties as there are a lot of things to do (beach, sports, outdoor activities, museums). I love travelling and discovering new countries and cultures. My motto in life is: "The sky is the limit", because you can do whatever you set your mind to.

to strive, strove, striven/s'évertuer (à), s'efforcer (de) - to achieve/parvenir à, obtenir - wealth/fortune, richesse - to work further/ici, approfondir (son) expérience - eventually/à terme - to run, ran, run/diriger, gérer ici, posséder - to dream big/voir les choses en grand, nourrir de grands espoirs


motto/devise - the sky is the limit/tout est possible - to set, set, set one's mind to/ici, se fixer comme objectif, vouloir vraiment

 Michelle, 30 - San Francisco    Marie-Laure, 32 - Limerick

Though I dreaded turning 30 while in my 20's, now that I'm here I finally have the confidence both personally and professionally to stop worrying about any of those silly things I was dreading in the first place. I'm still learning every day, but now welcome the responsibility to teach and share what I've learned with younger women, particularly those starting a new career. I think that's fairly specific to California and maybe particularly being a part of the tech community here. Sadly, I know a lot of my generation is known for acting "entitled" and wanting more pay without having to work hard for it. I don't identify with that though. If I can open a door for at least one younger female colleague, I'll feel like all those bumps in the road were worth it. "Actions speak louder than words."


Marie Laure

I grew up in Ireland, moved to London after university but came back after a few years to be with my now husband. I like the more relaxed pace of life here and also thought it would be a good place to raise a family. I now have one baby and am looking forward to having more. I work in finance, but only three days a week so that I can spend more time with my son. I am lucky to have met other mothers my age and as Limerick is quite small we can easily all meet up, go to the park, etc. Sometimes I miss the big city, the restaurants and the culture, but overall I think the quality of life here is good and it is family friendly, which is most important to me. My favourite English expression is "it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot!"

to dread/redouter - in the first place/d'abord, au départ - to welcome/se réjouir de - to share/partager - fairly/assez, plutôt - tech = technology - sadly/malheureusement - to act/ici, se comporter - entitled/ici, comme si tout lui était dû - bump/ici, obstacle - to be worth/valoir la peine - actions speak louder than words/les actes en disent plus long que les paroles


pace/cadence, rythme - to raise/élever - to look forward to/espérer - to meet up/ici, se retrouver - to miss/ici, regretter - family friendly/propice à la vie de famille - it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot (teapot = théière)/c'est totalement inutile

 Dan Moxon, 32 - Vancouver    Andrew, 30 - Brooklyn
Dan Moxon

My 30-year-old life has been pretty great in Vancouver, I've been able to release records and tour with my band BEND SINISTER (, buy a house with my partner, and work freelance as a composer/musician living comfortably. I spend most of my time when not on tour (approx 4-6months a year) working from home and hanging with my cat. I hope to advance my career as a film composer as time goes on where I'll want to spend more time at home and not on the road. My favorite English expression is "The greatest power is often simple patience".


Being 30 in New York is great – I don't (yet) feel too old to do all of the fun things I liked to do when I first moved here at 22, and now I'm secure enough in my career to actually be able to afford them. I spend most of my free time going to concerts and trying out new restaurants – there are always more than enough options popping up in both categories. My favorite English expression – because of how silly it is when you think about it – is saying someone "really gets my goat" when they annoy you.

to release/sortir, produire - to tour/partir en tournée - Bend Sinister/ici, référence au roman de Nabokov Brisure à senestre - freelance/(en) indépendant - to hang, hung, hung/ici, traîner - to advance/faire progresser - as time goes on/avec le temps

secure/en sécurité, bien installé - to afford/se permettre financièrement, se payer - to pop up/se présenter, surgir - to get, got, got one's goat/taper sur les nerfs, rendre chèvre

 Elizabeth, 31 - Perth    Uno, 30 - Johannesburg

I recently completed a doctorate in French  history and I don't have a permanent position yet. Because I spent so much time studying I'm really only at the beginning of my career, whereas other people my age in different professions are further along in theirs. What's more, it's not easy to get a job in the field of French history in Australia! I'm single and I have no  children, which means I have time to get involved in various outdoor activities. I'm a bit of a dilettante; over the years I've tried a range of different sports including sailing, hiking, kayaking and rock climbing. We have some really beautiful beaches in Perth and sometimes I like to ride my bike to the beach for a morning swim. I have no specific expectations for the future. I'd like a job in which I can feel useful and I'd like more experience working in other parts of the world. As for my favourite English expression, I recently found out that my grandfather used to say "I hope your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny down."* I've never used this expression myself but maybe I should, next time I'm annoyed with someone!
*I hope your chickens turn into emus and kick down your outdoor toilet


It's been 30 years of trying and learning - I've had a lot of opportunities to launch projects and concepts. I've also had enough time to see some of  them fail, which is good as I've had more opportunity to learn. I'm definitely less of an opinionated prick now than I was at 20. I think we are the first generation in South Africa that has been confronted with real integration. A few years before us, races didn't mix that much. Our peer groups are a lot more integrated, which is certainly the case for Johannesburg more than Cape Town and I find that there is a higher respect for different cultures, but also an ownership of your own background. Older generations didn't have that, and younger generations take it for granted. South Africa is on the cusp of a revolution in terms of gentrification, class standardisation and urbanisation. I think that's really exciting. Our generation is at the cusp of knowing what's trending, but we also have enough experience and taste to know what's fickle. We are really at a trend-setting opportunity. Apparently I say "propinquity" a lot - It's a compression of space and time to explain how creative ideas mash together. When I say it I still feel like an opinionated 20-year-old prick though...

to complete/terminer, achever - position/poste, emploi - further along/plus avancé - field/domaine - outdoor/(d') extérieur - range/éventail, variété - sailing/voile - hiking/randonnée - rock climbing/varappe, escalade - expectation/attente, aspiration - chook (austr.)/poulet - emu/émeu - to kick down/ici, défoncer, enfoncer - dunny (argot austr.)/toilettes (d'extérieur ou en plein air) - annoyed/irrité

to fail/échouer - definitely/certainement, sans aucun doute - opinionated/dogmatique, ayant des idées arrêtées - prick (vulg.)/con, connard - peer/ici, personne de la même tranche d'âge - ownership/ici, conscience - background/antécédents, origines, passé - to take, took, taken things for granted/tenir pour acquis, comme allant de soi - cusp/pointe, ici frontière, bord, jonction - on the cusp of = à l'aube de - gentrification/embourgeoisement - trending/à la mode, tendance, dans l'air du temps - taste/goût ici, discernement - fickle/inconstant, volage - to set, set, set a trend/donner le ton, lancer une mode - propinquity/ici, synergie - to mash together/se mélanger, fusionner



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