Boiling over

THE STUDENT SPRING There have been student protests in South Africa for several weeks during October and November which have paralysed universities across the country. The specific reason is the increase in fees for 2016. More generally, the unrest is a response to the lack of opportunity in a country where more than half the young people are unemployed and blame is focused on the ANC, in power since the end of apartheid.

to boil over/déborder, exploser - increase/augmentation, hausse - fees/frais (de scolarité) - unrest/instabilité, troubles, mécontentement - lack/manque, absence - blame/faute, responsabilité - ANC = African National Congress/congrès national africain, créé en 1912, fer de lance de la lutte contre l'apartheid

Publié le 30/11/2015

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