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Pas de vaccin pour les sceptiques américains

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Cheese rolling

Run for the cheese! Every year, the village of Cooper Hills in Gloucestershire organises its annual cheese rolling competition: a 3-4 kilo round of Gloucester cheese is...

Cheese rolling

Brown Dog by Nicola Hicks

Brown Dog is a sculpture created by Nicola Hicks and displayed in Battersea Park in London. In addition to the celebration of its subject, it is also famous for being...

Brown Dog by Nicola Hicks


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The UK vaccination campaign is in full swing, with jabs now accessible to pretty much everyone, from the elderly to young people. The government...


It isn't a cliché: the British do drink a lot of tea. A recent Forbes poll revealed that 45% of the British population drink more than 6 cups per...

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Lil Nas X

Young music prodigy, Lil Nas X, recently released his new single, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). It came out with a controversial music video where the singer dances provocatively with a...

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