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La Silicon Valley devient végétarienne

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Brits and chocolate

According to new data, the consumption of chocolate is on the increase worldwide. The British, in particular, are consuming more chocolate with an average of 8.4 kg of per person in...

Brits and chocolate

Moines trappistes en guerre

Belgian monks from Saint Sixtus abbey were shocked when they discovered that the Dutch supermarket brand Jan Linders was selling their brew at very high price, without their permission or...

Moines trappistes en guerre


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The Black Panther Marvel movie grossed a record-breaking $25.2m at the box office on its opening night in the United States and in Canada. It is the...


This is what actress Claire Foy earned for each episode of the first two series of The Crown. Her male co-star Matt Smith, who played Prince Philip...

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Elizabeth II

British politicians across the spectrum have called for the Queen to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her "determined diplomacy" in "keeping the...

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