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Histoire d’une super-héroïne souvent reléguée au second plan

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A Trafalgar trifle?

Londoners passing Trafalgar Square may be baffled, as one of its pillars is now covered with a giant dollop of...

A Trafalgar trifle?

Pepper, a 'culturally competent' robot

Elderly residents residing in British care homes may soon welcome a new guest: Pepper, a ''culturally competent'' robot. The machine is programmed to...

Pepper, a 'culturally competent' robot


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1 million

Fire season is a natural annual occurrence in California, as part of its ecosystem. However, the fires have have been wildly out of control in recent years...

80 million

76% of Americans will be eligible to vote by mail for November's presidential election – and many may well do so, with 80 million voters predicted to...

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80 million

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, reacted strongly to Britain's most recent set of Brexit...

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