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Studying happiness

Studying happiness does, indeed, seem to make people more happy. Students from the University of Bristol, who enrolled in a three month “Science of Happiness” course – the first of its...

Studying happiness


Peacocks have proliferated in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles, as the result of an epidemic – unrelated to coronavirus – which has pushed them out of their natural habitat. Though the birds are...



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100 million

Joe Biden just announced a series of mandates making the Coronavirus vaccine compulsory for around 100 million Americans, about...

5 million

Official statistics for the United Kingdom show that 5 million Europeans have successfully filled in – and obtained...

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5 million

Arlo Parks

This year, the Mercury Prize was awarded to Arlo Parks, a young bedroom pop singer whose album, Collapsed In Sunbeams came out last January. Born in the year 2000, the young Parks rose to...

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