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La pyramide ratée de Snéfrou

King Sneferu’s “bent” pyramid, in Egypt, is now open to the public. The 101-metre structure, located in the Dahshur royal necropolis, south of Cairo, was built for the pharaoh 4,600...

La pyramide ratée de Snéfrou

Area 51

Inspired by a podcast, Matty Roberts, a student from California, created a joke event on Facebook called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” Area 51 is a highly...

Area 51


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According to a recent polling, Megan Rapinoe, who co-captained the United States soccer team to victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final this summer, would beat...


For the 25th anniversary of the sitcom Friends, Warner Bros. Studios had 30 replicas of the famous Central Perk couch made. From the Grand Canyon to the Empire...

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Mahatma Gandhi

The 1st of October will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Indian political leader and spiritual guide. Born Mohandas Gandhi in Gujarat, India in 1869, he was...

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