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Le président sortant fait campagne pour les démocrates

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Nouveau best-seller

A video of a Scottish grandmother giggling uncontrollably while reading a picture book to her baby grandson has gone viral on the Internet. The book in question, The Wonky Donkey, written by...

Nouveau best-seller

Pizza museum is opening in Chicago and the Internet is going crazy

A temporary United States Pizza Museum has just opened its doors in Chicago. The pop-up museum, which is 2,910 square feet, will remain open until the end of October but may stay in...

Pizza museum is opening in Chicago and the Internet is going crazy


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In the United States, the Supreme Court has upheld Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from several predominantly Muslim countries — also called "travel"...


On August 16, about 350 American media outlets posted editorials denouncing Donald Trump’s criticisms of the media. Since his election, the American president has often...

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Sadiq Khan

In August, the mayor of London asked the London Resilience Forum to start preparing for a no-deal Brexit. The London Resilience Forum is a body in charge of preparing...

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