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Découverte d'une île légendaire

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Suzette Welton has been in prison in Alaska for 17 years based almost solely on now-debunked forensic evidence, but the state's lack of a clemency process means she cannot challenge her life sentence unless...



Scientists writing in the journal of the American Society for Microbiology recently recommended that parents not discourage children from picking their noses because snot contains a "rich reservoir of...



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US$ 14,000

If high-schoolers seem stressed by active lifestyles and competitive pressures, and consequently fail to sleep the recommended nine to 10 hours a day, it must be...

$3 million

They're "therapists," not "strippers," argued New York City's Penthouse Executive Club, creatively characterizing its dancers to avoid $3 million in back taxes, but...

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$3 million

Leo Varadkar

Last month, Leo Varadkar became the Republic of Ireland's new Taoiseach (prime minister). A parliamentary vote confirmed the 38-year-old as the country's youngest and...

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