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  • 5 000

    The number of homeless people in England has risen to 280,000 — with one in every 200 people currently without a home, according to a housing charity. This is the highest figure on record since the charity started monitoring the situation in 2016. The figure is particularly concerning in London where 170,000 — or one in 52 — are homeless. On any one winter night, around 5, 000 people in Britain sleep rough.

    homeless/sans abri - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter; ici, passer à - one in every/une personne sur - currently/actuellement - according to/d’après, selon - figure/chiffre - on record/jamais enregistré - to monitor/surveiller, suivre l’évolution de - concerning/inquiétant - to sleep, slept, slept rough/dormir dehors/dans la rue

    Publié le 6/01/2020

  • 350 000 000$

    Six years after the release of "Frozen", the highly anticipated sequel to the animated film has made a record start at the American and world box office with an estimated $127 million debut domestically and $350.2 million worldwide, according to studio estimates. “Frozen 2” buried several records. It’s the highest-grossing debut ever for any animated film globally. It marks a new high in the U.S. and Canada for an animated movie released outside of the summer season. And it’s the largest opening for any Walt Disney Animation Studios release.

    release/ici, sortie (film) - Frozen/(VF) La Reine des neiges - anticipated/(très) attendu - sequel/suite - domestically/au niveau national; ici, aux États-Unis - worldwide/au niveau mondial - according to/selon - to bury/enterrer; ici, battre - to gross/rapporter (recette brute); ici, the highest-grossing/le plus lucratif - globally/ans le monde - a new high/un nouveau record - large/grand - opening/ici, démarrage

    Publié le 6/12/2019

  • 50%

    About 350 koalas living on the reserve in the north coast town of Macquarie have died in bushfires in New South Wales according to Koala Conservation Australia. Around 500 to 600 koalas were believed to lived- on the coastal. Experts estimate that koalas are in trouble in New South Wales, and if populations continue to decline at the same rate as the last 20 to 30 years, koalas could be extinct in the wild by 2050.

    Publié le 12/11/2019

  • 30

    For the 25th anniversary of the sitcom Friends, Warner Bros. Studios had 30 replicas of the famous Central Perk couch made. From the Grand Canyon to the Empire State Building, from Stonehenge to the Eiffel Tower, waterproof versions of the sofa were placed at key locations to allow fans to indulge in some pop culture nostalgia. The original couch was found by set decorator Greg Grande in the basement storage area at the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, California.

    sitcom/comédie de situation - replica/copie - couch/canapé - waterproof/imperméable - location/lieu - to indulge in/se livrer (sans retenue), se laisser aller à - set decorator/décorateur de plateau - basement(en)/sous-sol - storage area/entrepôt

    Publié le 30/09/2019

  • 42%

    According to a recent polling, Megan Rapinoe, who co-captained the United States soccer team to victory in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final this summer, would beat Donald Trump if she were the Democratic nominee for president in 2020! She would get 42% support compared to 41% for Donald Trump. The poll was carried out by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm, due to popular demand from the public about a “Megan Rapinoe v Donald Trump 2020 match-up”. However, at this time, the soccer champion, who is also a prominent advocate of LGBTQ rights, is not planning to run for political office.

    polling-poll/sondage - to co-captain to/ici, mener à (la victoire) en tant que co-capitaine - soccer/football - Women's World Cup/Coupe du monde féminine - to beat, beat, beaten/battre, vaincre - Democratic/ici, démocrate - nominee/candidat(e) - to carry out/effectuer, réaliser, mener - firm/entreprise, société - popular demand/demande générale - match-up/ici, duel - prominent/éminent, célèbre - advocate/défenseur(-se) - LGBTQ= Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer - to run, ran, run for office/se présenter à une élection

    Publié le 2/09/2019

  • 633

    Last month, 633 divers took part in the largest mass subaquatic clean up of a section of seabed in Florida. The divers, equipped with aqualungs, picked up litter from the sea floor near the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier. They set up a world record, which was overseen by Guinness officiator Michael Empric, and ended up retrieving at least 1,626 pounds of trash and 60 pounds of fishing line.

    diver/plongeur - large/grand (... in the largest mass... au plus grand...) - seabed/fond marin - aqualung/scaphandre autonome - litter/déchets, détritus - pier/jetée - to set, set, set up/établir - to oversee, saw, seen/superviser - officiator/ici, juge officiel - to retrieve/ramasser, extraire - pound/livre (1 livre = 453,6 g) - trash/détritus, déchets - fishing line/filet de pêche

    Publié le 9/07/2019

  • 130,000

    To tackle global heating, more than 130,000 trees will be planted in English towns and cities over the next two years. Announced by the environment secretary, Michael Gove, the scheme will be administered by the Forestry Commission and provide individuals, local authorities, charities and NGOs with grants for the plantings. "This will allow us to plant more trees much closer to where people live and work and where the benefits of trees make the most difference," said Forestry Commission chair, Sir Harry Studholme.

    Publié le 7/06/2019

  • 4

    New York will erect statues to honour four female historical figures, in the boroughs where they used to live. A statue of world-renowned jazz singer Billie Holiday will be built near Queens Borough Hall. The public health champion Helen Rodríguez Trías will have her statue in the Bronx. A monument to Elizabeth Jennings Graham, a teacher who helped desegregate New York’s public transit, will be installed in Manhattan. Finally, Katherine Walker, a lighthouse keeper credited with saving dozens of lives, will stand on Staten Island. The initiative seeks to fix a gender imbalance in the city’s public spaces, New York having only five female historical figures depicted in statues at present.

    figure/ici, personnalité - borough/arrondissement, district - world-renowned/mondialement célèbre - champion/défenseur - to desegregate/mettre fin à la ségrégation - public transit/transports en commun - lighthouse keeper/gardienne de phare - to credit sb with sth/attribuer à qqn (le mérite de) qqch - to seek, sought, sought to/viser à - to fix/ici, remédier à - gender imbalance/manque de parité - to depict/représenter

    Publié le 1/04/2019

  • 75,400

    A new projection of opioid overdose death rates in the United States suggests that the number of fatal overdoses — which reached 47,600 in 2017 — will rise sharply in the coming years. By 2022, such deaths would peak at about 75,400. According to Jagpreet Chhatwal of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, who led the research, the opioid epidemic “is not finished growing.” Currently, opiates kill an average of 130 people a day in the country, an increasing proportion of which were initially hooked on street drugs like heroin.

    projection/prévision - opioid (syn. opiate)/opiacé - rate/taux, nombre - to reach/atteindre - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter - sharply/fortement, considérablement - according to/d’après, selon - to lead, led, led/mener - currently/actuellement - average/(en) moyenne - increasing/croissant, de plus en plus important - to be hooked on/être accro à (hook crochet)

    Publié le 28/02/2019

  • 1€

    In the Sicilian town of Sambuca, dozens of homes have been put up for sale for the price of €1. The deal is aimed at reviving a town that has greatly suffered from depopulation in recent years. According to local officials, anyone interested in buying a house in Sambuca can do it straight away... but on one condition: they must commit to refurbishing their property within three years. The starting cost for refurbishment is €15,000. In addition, buyers must give a €5,000 security deposit, which will be returned once the refurbishment is complete.

    to put, put, put up for sale/mettre en vente - to be aimed at/viser à - to revive/faire revivre, redynamiser - local officials/autorités locales - straight away/immédiatement - to commit to/s'engager à - to refurbish/rénover, moderniser - property/bien (immobilier) - security deposit/dépôt de garantie

    Publié le 31/01/2019

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