• Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson's speech at the annual Conservative Conference was a highly anticipated event. The Prime Minister promised a "high wage, high skill and low tax" economy, and spoke about a policy of "levelling up" in the country. However, journalists noticed he made no less than eight false claims during his speech. Among them, he stated that the UK had the highest growth of all the G7 countries (it's actually the 5th), that salaries were going up faster than before the pandemic (the Work and Pensions Secretary described it as a "statistical anomaly" due to the pandemic) and that 48 new hospitals were being built (only six construction sites have been started).

    speech/discours - anticipated/(très) attendu - wage/salaire - skill/compétence - tax/impôt - policy/politique (ligne d'action) - to level up/passer au niveau supérieur, niveler par le haut - claim/affirmation, déclaration - to state/affirmer - growth/croissance - actually/en réalité - work and pensions secretary/ministre du travail et des retraites

    Publié le 21/10/2021
  • Arlo Parks

    Arlo Parks

    This year, the Mercury Prize was awarded to Arlo Parks, a young bedroom pop singer whose album, Collapsed In Sunbeams came out last January. Born in the year 2000, the young Parks rose to fame during the first lockdown, when Black Dog, a song about mental illness, went viral and echoed the grey mood of the early pandemic. However, she is much more than a one hit wonder but rather a famous lyricist, known to be heavily influenced by the spoken word and famous poets – to the point of referencing Sylvia Plath in her songs. Her casual and delicate ballads have now received the most prestigious music award in the UK.

    to be awarded/recevoir, se voir remettre-décerner-attribuer - bedroom pop/"pop de chambre", mouvement d'artistes jeunes qui se passent des conventions de l'industrie musicale pour se faire connaître sur Internet - to collapse/s'effondrer - sunbeam/rayon de soleil - to rise, rose, risen to fame/devenir célèbre - lockdown/confinement - illness/maladie - grey/sombre, maussade - mood/humeur, moral - hit/chanson à succès - wonder/prodige - lyricist/parolier - heavily/fortement - casual/décontracté, nonchalant

    Publié le 28/09/2021
  • Antoni Fauci

    Antoni Fauci

    With the increasing urgency of climate change, scientists have warned that pandemics like the coronavirus are more likely to multiply over the coming decades. Could these outbreaks be prevented? This is what Antoni Fauci has in mind: the U.S. Chief Medical Advisor recently proposed building vaccine prototypes which could protect us against pathogens from around 20 families of viruses. These “vaccines for future use” could be manufactured as soon as a new pandemic starts. Though the idea isn't new (another prominent scientific aide proposed it in 2017), it may be gaining new ground this time...

    to warn/prévenir, avertir - to be likely to/risquer de (être susceptible de) - over/au cours de - coming/prochain - outbreak/(début d') épidémie - to prevent/empêcher, éviter - in mind/à l'esprit, en tête - chief advisor/conseiller spécial du gouvernement - to manufacture/fabriquer, produire - though/bien que - prominent/célèbre - aide/conseiller, collaborateur - to gain ground/gagner du terrain, progresser

    Publié le 1/09/2021
  • Justin Bieber à l'Élysée ?

    Justin Bieber à l'Élysée ?

    The 21st of June was the Fête de la Musique in France – and the Élysée welcomed quite a guest for the occasion. At his own request, Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, was invited to the palace by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. The visit was unexpected for fans, who were surprised by the singer posting a picture of himself, his wife, and Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron hugging in a corridor of the Élysée. It isn't the first time Macron has hosted a pop star: in 2017, Rihanna also visited the Elysée Palace to promote her educational charity to the head of state.

    quite a sacré - guest/invité - to hug/échanger une accolade - to host/accueillir - charity/organisation caritative - head of state/chef d'État

    Publié le 5/07/2021
  • Emma Stone

    Emma Stone

    The American actress is starring in Cruella, a prequel to 101 Dalmatiens, which focuses on the backstory of one of Disney's most famous and glamorous baddies: Cruella De Vil. The movie has been praised by American critics for its glamorous yet punk aesthetic, its scenario full of twists and turns as well as Stone's acting skills. Interviewed by The New York Times on how it felt to become Cruella, Emma Stone stated that she enjoyed portraying evil : “I loved the character of Cruella. I don’t mean I love the things that drove her, because she’s obviously a very sick woman, but I found the character very interesting” The movie will be released in France on 23 June.

    to star/tenir la vedette, le rôle principal - prequel/suite (d'un film) racontant les événements antérieurs à ce film - backstory/histoire, passé - baddy/vilain, méchant - to praise/faire l'éloge de - yet/cependant, et pourtant - twists and turns/ici, rebondissements - acting skills/jeu d'acteur(-trice) - to portray/incarner - evil/mal - character/personnage - to drive, drove, driven/ici, motiver, pousser - sick/malade, fou - to be released/sortir

    Publié le 8/06/2021
  • Lil Nas X

    Lil Nas X

    Young music prodigy, Lil Nas X, recently released his new single, MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). It came out with a controversial music video where the singer dances provocatively with a man dressed as the Devil. Along with the song, he released 666 pairs of limited edition “devil” trainers supposedly containing a drop of human blood. The song and the merchandise shocked the Christian community and right-wing politicians in the U.S. Lil Nas X is openly gay, and responded that the song was a reference to the shame that still surrounds homosexuality in America – still labelled as “a sin” by some members of the religious community.

    to release/sortir (dans les bacs) - to be dressed as/être déguisé en - devil/diable - trainers/chaussures de sport - drop/goutte - blood/sang - shame/honte - to surround/entourer - to label/qualifier de - sin/péché

    Publié le 22/04/2021
  • Matthew McConaughey

    Matthew McConaughey

    What if Matthew McConaughey becomes the new governor of Texas? The 51-year-old American actor, famous for his roles in movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf Of Wall Street, is now looking into a career in politics. In a recent interview, he declared that he was “seriously considering” a run for the upcoming election for governor in 2022. It is currently unclear whether McConaughey would run as a Republican or Democrat. Will he follow Arnold Schwarzenegger’s path, successfully transitioning from Hollywood to American politics?

    The Wolf of Wall Street/(VF) Le Loup de Wall Street - to look into/étudier de plus près - to consider/envisager - run/course, candidature - upcoming/prochain - currently/actuellement - pathchemin, voie, trajectoire

    Publié le 30/03/2021
  • Stephen King

    Stephen King

    Stephen King, famous author of The Shining and The Green Mile, is helping a brand new generation of writers. An elementary school just received a cheque for $6,500 from the author for its Author Studies Programme, after its students worked on a 290 page manuscript over four years. To salute their perseverance and craftsmanship, he decided to fund its publication. The next Stephen King may well be one of these young talents!

    The Shining/Shining, l'enfant lumière - The Green Mile/La Ligne verte - brand new/(tout) nouveau - to salute/saluer, rendre hommage à – craftsmanship/savoir-faire - to fund/financer

    Publié le 1/03/2021
  • David Bowie

    David Bowie

    It's been five years since the world learned of the death of David Bowie. He is universally considered one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. This January, weeks of tributes to the artist were organized around the world. Among them was an online performance of Lazarus, a musical based on his own songs and the last thing he produced before his death. Also, artists of all generations, from YUNGLUB to Boy George, took part in an online concert during which they performed Bowie covers, with all proceeds going to charity.

    greatici, grand - tributehommage - performanceconcert - musicalcomédie musicale - to performici, jouer - coverreprise (d'un titre créé par un autre artiste) - proceedsrecettes - charityorganisation caritative

    Publié le 1/02/2021
  • John Kerry

    John Kerry

    In 2016, John Kerry, Barack Obama's secretary of state, signed the Paris agreement. Who could have predicted that, four years later, he would have to do it all over again? Kerry has just been appointed as a “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” by the Biden administration. His mission is to make sure that the US re-enters the international treaty, after Trump decided to withdraw from it at the beginning of his presidential term. In the U.S., Kerry is also a famous political figure: in 2004, he was the Democratic presidential candidate, but lost the election against George W. Bush.

    Secretary of State/(équivalent de) ministre des Affaires étrangères - Paris Agreement/accord de Paris sur le climat (approuvé en 2015 et entré en vigueur en 2016) - to do, did, done it all over again/tout reprendre à zéro, tout recommencer - to appoint/nommer, désigner - envoy/émissaire, représentant (officiel) - withdrawal/retrait - term/mandat - to lose, lost, lost to/ici, perdre contre

    Publié le 5/01/2021

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