• Nicola Sturgeon

    Nicola Sturgeon

    Scotland's first minister has said autumn 2018 would be a "common sense" date for any second independence referendum. Nicola Sturgeon insisted, however, that no final decision had yet been made on holding such a vote. In a BBC interview, she said she would take things forward at "the pace that I think is right for the country". UK government minister Michael Fallon said there was "no need" for a second referendum on the issue. However, Ms Sturgeon believed another ballot was "highly likely" following last year's UK-wide vote for Brexit which was backed by 52% of the electorate who went to the polls. In Scotland, 62% of the voting public wanted the UK to retain its EU membership.

    to hold, held, held/organiser – pace/rythme – ballot/vote - to back/soutenir, appuyer - to go to the polls/se rendre aux urnes (poll/ici, vote, scrutin) - to retain/conserver

    Publié le 22/03/2017
  • Betsy DeVos

    Betsy DeVos

    DeVos was confirmed last month by the slimmest of margins: 51-50, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote in his capacity as President of the Senate. It was the first time in U.S. history that a Vice President has been called upon to resolve a deadlock over a Cabinet nomination. The confirmation of DeVos, an outspoken supporter of school voucher programs, was a bitter blow for Democrats after a campaign driven by progressive advocacy groups, marked by millions of phone calls, emails and tweets and capped by a marathon parade of overnight speeches on the Senate floor.

    slim/mince; ici, faible – margin/majorité (aussi, marge) - to cast, cast, cast a vote/voter - tie-breaking/décisif – capacity/ici, qualité – as/ici, de – time/fois - to call upon/faire appel à – deadlock/impasse – over/au sujet de, concernant – outspoken/fervent - supporter/défenseur – voucher/ici, subvention accordée aux parents d’enfants scolarisés (aussi, bon de réduction) - (a) bitter blow/(un) coup dur - to drive, drove, driven/mener – advocacy/(de) défense - to cap/couronner – parade/défilé – overnight/toute la nuit

    Publié le 23/02/2017
  • Martin McGuinness

    Martin McGuinness

    Last month, Martin McGuinness resigned as Northern Ireland's deputy first minister in protest against his power-sharing partner’s handling of a bungled green energy schem that could cost taxpayers £490m. McGuinness’s resignation means a new Northern Ireland assembly election is inevitable. Under the complex rules of power-sharing in the region, if either the first minister or the deputy resigns the coalition government between unionists and nationalists falls. The former chief negotiator for Sinn Féin during the peace process, who admitted to being an IRA commander at the Bloody Sunday tribunal, said he was leaving the post because of a refusal by the first minister, Arlene Foster, to stand down temporarily from her job. Mrs Foster said she was "disappointed" by his move. "At a time when we are dealing with Brexit, needing to create more jobs and investing in our health and education system, Northern Ireland needs stability," she said in a statement posted on her Facebook page.

    to resign/démissionner - deputy/vice - handling/gestion - bungled/raté - scheme/programme, projet - taxpayer/contribuable - Bloody Sunday/dimanche sanglant du 30 janvier 1972 (à Derry) au cours duquel 14 manifestants pacifistes furent tués par des soldats de l'armée britannique - to stand, stood, stood down/se retirer, quitter ses fonctions - move/décision

    Publié le 30/01/2017
  • Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher

    Margaret Thatcher has topped a Women’s Hour list of the most influential women of the past 70 years, a choice that even the judges admit was the source of "enormous contention". One panel member, Ayesha Hazarika, a former adviser to the Labour MP Harriet Harman, said she felt "uncomfortable" with the choice of Thatcher, but said the list was about celebrating impact "both positive and negative". For the past two years, Women’s Hour has compiled a list celebrating the global impact of women on other women. Last year, to mark the BBC Radio 4 programme’s 70th anniversary, the remit of the list was expanded to cover female achievement over the past seven decades.

    to top/arriver en tête de - even/même - contention/contestation, polémique - former/ancien - adviser/conseiller - Labour/(du parti) travailliste - MP = Member of Parliament/membre du Parlement, député - uncomfortable/mal à l’aise - both/à la fois... (et) - global/mondial, international - remit/attributions - to expand/étendre, élargir - achievement/réalisation - decade/décennie

    Publié le 27/12/2016
  • Joe Corré

    Joe Corré

    Last month, Joe Corré, the son of former manager of the Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren, set fire to £5m worth of rare punk memorabilia in a protest, saying that punk had become nothing more than a "McDonald’s brand … owned by the state, establishment and corporations". According to Corré, "it’s time we threw it all on the fire and started again" – and he believes his father would have found the ceremonial burning "hilarious." Valuable items that were set alight included rare Sex Pistols recordings, clothing belonging to Johnny Rotten and Corré’s mother, Vivienne Westwood, and a Sid Vicious doll embossed with a swastika. Corré, who founded underwear brand Agent Provocateur in 1994, announced his intention to set light to the artefacts in response to the Punk London event, which will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sex Pistols’ debut single Anarchy in the UK through a series of exhibitions.

    ...worth/représentant (une valeur de)... - memorabilia/souvenirs ici, objets de collection - brand/marque - establishment/classes dirigeantes, élite - valuable/de grande valeur - item/objet - to set, set, set alight/mettre le feu - recording/enregistrement - to emboss/graver en relief - swastika/croix gammée - underwear (inv.)/sous-vêtements - artefact/objet - debut/ici, premier - exhibition/exposition

    Publié le 1/12/2016
  • Trump Triumphs

    Trump Triumphs

    After waging a fiercely divisive campaign, Donald Trump called for unifying Americans after he won the presidential race early Wednesday. “Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division,” he told supporters at a Manhattan hotel. “To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people. It’s time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans.” Trump said he had received a call from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton conceding the race and congratulating him on his win. He said he congratulated Clinton on the hard-fought campaign and had only words of praise for the one-time rival he regularly referred to as “Crooked Hillary”.

    fiercely/farouchement – to call for/appeler à – to bind the wounds/ panser les plaies – come together/ se rassembler – to pledge/promettre – to conceed the race/s’avouer vaincue – to congratulate/féliciter – praiselouanges – crooked/corrompue

    Publié le 9/11/2016
  • Paul Beatty

    Paul Beatty

    For the first time, an American novelist has won the Man Booker Prize, Britain's most coveted literary award. Paul Beatty won the prize for his novel The Sellout, a satire about race in the U.S. Amanda Foreman, chair of the judges, called the book "a novel for our times," and said Beatty "slays sacred cows with abandon and takes aim at racial and political taboos with verve and a snarl." At last month's award ceremony in London, Beatty told the crowd that the book had been hard to write and he added, "I know it's hard to read." That may be true but it's also very funny. The Sellout has been called "a comic masterpiece."

    novelist/romancier - prize/prix, récompense - coveted/convoité - chair/président(e) - to slay, slew, slain/tuer, mettre à mort - with abandon/sans retenue - to take aim at/viser, s'en prendre à - snarl/grognement, hargne - crowd/foule, assistance - masterpiece/chef-d’œuvre

    Publié le 8/11/2016
  • Kate McWilliams

    Kate McWilliams

    A British woman has become one of the world’s youngest commercial airline captains at the age of 26, The Guardian reports. Kate McWilliams, from Carlisle, began flying in the air cadets aged 13 before going on a training programme at CTC Aviation in Southampton on her 19th birthday then joining easyJet as a first officer in May 2011. She recently rose to the rank of captain after passing the airline’s command course. McWilliams said: "Personally, I don’t think my age matters. I’ve been through the same training and passed the same command course as every other captain, so I’ve proven myself capable regardless of my age. I do now get asked how old I am on an almost daily basis, which didn’t used to happen when I was a first officer."

    captain/commandant de bord, pilote – training/(de) formation - first officer/copilote - to rise, rose, risen/s'élever, se hisser, gravir les échelons - to pass/réussir – course/cours, stage - to matter/importer - I've been through [...]/ici, j'ai suivi [...] – regardless/peu importe – almost/presque, quasi - to happen/se produire

    Publié le 29/09/2016
  • Arianna Huffington

    Arianna Huffington

    Arianna Huffington, a Greek American author, syndicated columnist, occasional actress, and businesswoman who co-founded the liberal news website Huffington Post 11 years ago, stepped down as Editor-in-Chief. She left the AOL-owned site last month to run a new venture, Thrive Global. "I thought HuffPost would be my last act. But I've decided to step down as HuffPost's editor-in-chief to run my new venture, Thrive Global," she said on her Twitter feed. Thrive Global is described as a project designed to combat workplace "burnout". In a media release, Ms Huffington, 66, said it was "a corporate and consumer well-being and productivity platform".

    to syndicate/ici, publier simultanément dans plusieurs journaux - columnist/chroniqueur, journaliste - to step down/démissionner - editor-in-chief/rédacteur en chef - to run, ran, run/gérer, diriger - venture/entreprise - act/ici, poste - feed/fil (d'actualité) - release/communiqué

    Publié le 22/08/2016
  • Candace Payne

    Candace Payne

    Internet sensation Candace Payne, who laughed her way to fame after filming herself playing with an electronic Wookiee mask last month, now has her own custom-made action figure, the Huffington Post reports. She unveiled her “Star Wars” toy at Hasbro’s Rhode Island headquarters in front of Hasbro employees and what would be 1 million Facebook Live viewers. In addition to featuring her face and chuckle, the toy has 13 catchphrases, including “I am such a happy Chewbacca” and “That’s not me making that noise, it’s the mask,” Entertainment Weekly reported. The custom toy is just the latest bonus to come from her Internet stardom after filming herself reacting to the Wookiee mask outside of a Kohl’s store. Her entire family received full scholarships to attend Florida’s Southeastern University. She also attended the 2016 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, and threw the ceremonial first pitch during a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    sensation/ici, star – fame/célébrité, notoriété (ici, [she] laughed her way to fame/elle est devenue célèbre grâce à son rire communicatif) – own/propre - custom-made/fabriqué sur mesure; ici, personnalisé – figure/personnage - to report/rapporter - to unveil/dévoiler, présenter – headquarters/(inv.) quartier général, siège – viewer/téléspectateur; ici, visiteur, utilisateur - in addition to/en plus de - to feature/représenter, comporter – chuckle/petit rire, gloussement – catchphrase/expression clé-culte – noise/bruit – bonus/prime; ici, avantage – stardom/célébrité – store/magasin – scholarship/bourse (d’études) - to attend/aller à, fréquenter; aussi, assister à - to throw, threw, thrown/lancer - to pitch/lancer

    Publié le 30/06/2016

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