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  • 15 things we know about Episode VII so far

    15 things we know about Episode VII so far

    MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU The secrecy surrounding the upcoming new episode of Star Wars (coming out 18 December) is being very well managed indeed. That said, by taking note of the available information from publicity and actors involved in the project, you can get some idea of what is on offer. Here is a list of what we already know about the most anticipated film of the year!

    to surround/entourer - upcoming/à venir, imminent, prochain; ici, qui sortira bientôt - available/disponible, accessible - on offer/proposé, présenté (au public)

  • 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' marketing frenzy

    'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' marketing frenzy

    BIG BUCKS On 30 October 2012, the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm for 4.05 billion dollars. They also announced the plans for a new trilogy of Star Wars films. On 24 January 2013, we learned that J. J. Abrams (Star Trek director) would be directing the first film. In 2014, filming began…and the rest is history. One thing is clear, we can all learn lessons from the impressive marketing strategy for Episode VII.

    big bucks/sommes colossales (/buck (US)/dollar) - billion/milliard - director/ici, réalisateur - and the rest is history/et on connaît la suite

  • From Guy Fawkes to Anonymous

    From Guy Fawkes to Anonymous

    MASK OF RESISTANCE Bonfire night, or Guy Fawkes, is celebrated on 5 November every year in the U.K. Fireworks are set off, and an effigy of the famous conspirator is thrown on the fire. The leader of the Gunpowder Plot against Parliament in 1605 is symbolised by a mask which has more recently become synonymous with the Occupy movement, and other anti-government and anti-establishment protests around the world.

    Bonfire Night/célébration annuelle, accompagnée de feux d'artifice et de feux de joie (bonfire), commémorant la Conspiration des poudres du 5 novembre 1605 par laquelle des Catholiques anglais, menés par Guy Fawkes, tentèrent de faire sauter le Parlement (le complot échoua et les conspirateurs furent arrêtés et exécutés); une effigie de Guy Fawkes est brûlée à cette occasion - fireworks/feux d’artifice - to set, set, set off/ici, tirer - (the) Gunpowder Plot/(la) Conspiration des poudres - anti-establishment/contre le(s) pouvoir en place, les classes dirigeantes ou autorités - protest/manifestation

  • Boiling over

    Boiling over

    THE STUDENT SPRING There have been student protests in South Africa for several weeks during October and November which have paralysed universities across the country. The specific reason is the increase in fees for 2016. More generally, the unrest is a response to the lack of opportunity in a country where more than half the young people are unemployed and blame is focused on the ANC, in power since the end of apartheid.

    to boil over/déborder, exploser - increase/augmentation, hausse - fees/frais (de scolarité) - unrest/instabilité, troubles, mécontentement - lack/manque, absence - blame/faute, responsabilité - ANC = African National Congress/congrès national africain, créé en 1912, fer de lance de la lutte contre l'apartheid

  • Advising America on the threats that could cause the apocalypse

    Advising America on the threats that could cause the apocalypse

    CHANGEMENT D’ECHELLE Call of Duty is a video game series involving shooting moving targets as they appear. The first versions are set during the Second World War, but the episodes that follow have evolved into more modern conflicts. Their English creator has been recruited by an American 'think-tank' to evaluate the risks and threats to come... in real life!

    to advise/conseiller - threat/menace, danger - to shoot, shot, shot/tirer (sur) - target/cible - to be set/se dérouler - think-tank/cellule de réflexion, comité d'experts

  • After the party

    After the party

    PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS Hassan Rouhani made his first official visit to Europe last month as the President of Iran. His desire to improve the image of his country in the west is evident, but British weekly magazine, The Economist, features a series of what it sees as important contradictions. The article also highlights the fact that Rouhani, who campaigned as the only moderate candidate in 2013, must manage very distinctly diverse movements and interests in his own country.

    to improve/améliorer - (the) west/(l')Occident - to feature/présenter, faire figurer - to highlight/souligner

  • Lights Out in Britain for the Coal Industry

    Lights Out in Britain for the Coal Industry

    DEATH OF BLACK GOLD Kellingley is the last colliery in North Yorkshire... and the country! This mine is obliged to close its doors now and with that the coal industry in Britain as a whole. The question of sufficient supply of energy is now back on the table. How are the miners taking this closure? An American journalist went there to hear their stories.

    coal/charbon - colliery/exploitation minière, mine - as a whole/dans son entièreté - supply/approvisionnement - to be back on the table/être rediscuté, faire l'objet de nouvelles discussions

  • From YouTube fame to next level

    From YouTube fame to next level

    INTERNET STAR Troye Sivan is a YouTube star. His channel has 3.6 million subscribers and more than 215 millions viewers. The young Australian was named one of 25 most influential teenagers of 2014, by Time Magazine. His debut album, Blue Neighbourhood, is coming out next week. Will he be as successful with his music as he -was with the internet?

    fame/célébrité - channel/chaîne - subscriber/abonné - viewer/ici, visiteur - influential/influent - debut/premier - neighbourhood/voisinage, quartier

  • A New, Entirely Nontoxic Flame Retardant

    A New, Entirely Nontoxic Flame Retardant

    REVOLUTIONARY Computers, clothes, sofas, mattresses, paint and insulation material all contain fire retardant. It is largely unregulated and very damaging to our health. Researchers have found a new flame resistant formula with much less toxic effects.

    flame retardant/retardateur de flamme - mattress/matelas - insulation/(d’)isolation; ici, isolant - unregulated/non réglementé - damaging/nocif

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