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The Walt Disney Company


The Walt Disney Company has systematically underpaid women, depriving female employees of more than $150m in wages in California since 2015, according to a new analysis of salary data carried out as part of a class-action lawsuit alleging widespread pay gaps at the company. Attorneys for a group of women suing Disney alleged in the state court in Los Angeles that the entertainment and media corporation has paid women an average of 2% less than men doing equivalent jobs, in violation of California’s Equal Pay Act. The case is one of many pay gap class-actions against high-profile companies in recent years.

Anglais Français
to deprive priver
wage salaire
to carry out mener, réaliser
class-action lawsuit action collective, recours collectif en justice
to allege présumer; ici, soupçonner
widespread généralisé
pay gap écart de rémunération
attorney avocat
to sue poursuivre en justice
entertainment divertissement
Equal Pay Act loi sur l’égalité de rémunération
high-profile de grande notoriété, très en vue, influent