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Apprendre l'anglais, l'allemand et l'espagnol

Comment progresser en anglais

Norman Renshaw est le directeur de Intuition Languages, un organisme spécialisé dans les cours en immersion chez le professeur. Il nous livre ses conseils et ses astuces pour améliorer rapidement son niveau dans une langue… tout ça dans sa langue maternelle, en anglais... Un bon moyen de vous entraîner à lire en version originale !

- Most French people think they are not gifted or too old to learn a language. Are they as bad as they think?

Not at all! In reality, French students are no better or worse on average than other nationalities - they just persuade themselves that they are not capable of learning English effectively. This naturally affects their confidence, which affects their ability to learn effectively. The important thing to remember is that anyone can learn a foreign language if they apply themselves and not to worry about making mistakes - everybody does!

- What advice would you give to students in need of language improvement?

Keep looking for opportunities to speak and don't worry about making mistakes.

- What is a "full immersion" programme?

It is combination of one to one tuition with quality host family accommodation, using cultured, educated families of qualified English teachers. It is ideal for people with not much time. It is also good for motivated students who want to progress quickly. Some students prefer to concentrate on exactly what they want to learn, at their speed of learning.

- What makes language immersion so special?

Last Month 90% of the students said that they would recommend InTuition to their friends. It exceeded their expectations in terms of progress they made in English and in terms of the overall experience. This is because if the "match" is done well and we choose the right teacher and family then it is more than just a language course.

- Is immersion an appropriate choice for children and beginners?

No, even though I am the Managing Director of InTuition I do not think our courses are ideal for complete beginners, or for some types of children. I think that there are children who learn better away from loud classroom situations and benefit from individual attention. Usually they are children who have been on a summer course already and feel it is time for a more specialist course to help them, with exams or for their school.

- Do you have any tips to give students before an immersion programme?

To make the most of your programme, you can research the area they will be living in, spend time watching English films or listening to English radio or music, and think about what you personally would like to gain from the programme: what is your specific goal for the course?

- How can students I continue to improve their English after the course?

We offer online video courses so you can continue to get one to one with your teacher after you have left.

About Intuition Languages

norman renshawHome stay immersive programmes are tailored to each student's needs and requirements. If there is a particular area of English which students want to improve (vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar, for example) they should tell their teacher at the start of their course. Students can take advantage of the one-to-one format to efficiently target the areas of their language which need the most support. Living and studying in an immersive environment provides limitless opportunities to practice new vocabulary, and be exposed to new grammar and correct pronunciation.

- Who are the teachers?
They are all qualified to teach English as a foreign language. They also have a degree and live in a comfortable home. They also need to have empathy when hosting a student.

- How long should the program last to be efficient?
Two weeks is a good length. We do deliver a lot of one week course, but most students say they wish they had booked two weeks.

- What does a typical week look like?
We usually give lessons in the morning and then plan a week’s activities with the student depending on what they want to do and what they are interested in. So it might be a trip to an auction room if they like antiques, or to a concert if they like music or an Art exhibition or a game of tennis if they like sport. They have their own comfortable study bedroom with wifi so they have privacy and comfort too.

- Are there any extracurricular activities included?
We offer two afternoon excursions with the teacher or the family.