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Quelle place pour Kamala Harris aux côtés de Joe Biden ?

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Cheese rolling

Run for the cheese! Every year, the village of Cooper Hills in Gloucestershire organises its annual cheese rolling competition: a 3-4 kilo round of Gloucester cheese is...

Cheese rolling

Rage rooms

Mental health experts tend to recommend meditation, yoga or gentle exercise for mindfulness during the pandemic. But what if there is another solution? Rage Grounds, a...

Rage rooms


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It isn't a cliché: the British do drink a lot of tea. A recent Forbes poll revealed that 45% of the British population drink more than 6 cups per...

30 millions de £

In 2020, Captain Tom Moore, a British WWII veteran decided to raise money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday. During the first...

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30 millions de £

Matthew McConaughey

What if Matthew McConaughey becomes the new governor of Texas? The 51-year-old American actor, famous for his roles in movies such as Dallas Buyers Club and The Wolf Of Wall Street, is now...

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