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Brown Dog by Nicola Hicks

Brown Dog is a sculpture created by Nicola Hicks and displayed in Battersea Park in London. In addition to the celebration of its subject, it is also famous for being...

Brown Dog by Nicola Hicks

Cap sur les Cornouailles !

The British often choose to holiday at home. But this year, with borders closed, the number of “staycations” has exploded in the UK. Cornwall and Devon, in the South-West, have...

Cap sur les Cornouailles !


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The Republican Party is becoming increasingly extreme with senators recently blocking a commission to study last January's attack on the...


The UK vaccination campaign is in full swing, with jabs now accessible to pretty much everyone, from the elderly to young people. The government...

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Emma Stone

The American actress is starring in Cruella, a prequel to 101 Dalmatiens, which focuses on the backstory of one of Disney's most famous and glamorous baddies: Cruella De Vil. The movie has...

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