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A fountain adorned with more than 220 wooden penises

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden, which was made European capital of culture 2018, commissioned 11 fountains by international artists to adorn several cities in the province of...

A fountain adorned with more than 220 wooden penises

Brits and chocolate

According to new data, the consumption of chocolate is on the increase worldwide. The British, in particular, are consuming more chocolate with an average of 8.4 kg of per person in...

Brits and chocolate


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20 m

Famous artist, Christo, has started working on his latest installation, a mastaba (referring to the trapezoidal structure used as a tomb in ancient Egypt) that will float on...

2,4 millions

James Harrison, an 81-year-old Australian man who has given blood a record-breaking 1,173 times, made his final donation last month. When he was 14, James Harrison needed...

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2,4 millions

Leo Varadkar

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has made public information about an adoption scandal that is shaking up Ireland. Ireland's child and family agency Tusla recently discovered that...

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