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Les nouvelles lois européennes pour contrer les GAFA

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Plutôt chien ou chat ?

According to a survey run by social research organisation NORC at the University of Chicago, dog owners are happier than cat owners. 36% of dog owners report being "very...

Plutôt chien ou chat ?

'Chauffeur silencieux'

In the U.S., Uber has launched a new preference in the app that allows customers to specify what level of conversation they would like to have during their ride. They can choose between...

Chauffeur silencieux


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To tackle global heating, more than 130,000 trees will be planted in English towns and cities over the next two years. Announced by the environment secretary, Michael Gove, the...


New York will erect statues to honour four female historical figures, in the boroughs where they used to live. A statue of world-renowned jazz singer Billie Holiday will be...

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Jeremy Corbyn

In the wake of the Labour Party’s disastrous results in the European elections – with less than 15% of the vote, the party fell behind the Liberal Democrats – Labour leader...

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