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Quel avenir pour le Royaume-Uni ?

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Pepper, a 'culturally competent' robot

Elderly residents residing in British care homes may soon welcome a new guest: Pepper, a ''culturally competent'' robot. The machine is programmed to...

Pepper, a 'culturally competent' robot

Quel trait de caractère ont en commun les hommes politiques ?

Are narcissists more easily drawn into politics? A team of American researchers found that people who are self-confident, even believing they are better than...

Quel trait de caractère ont en commun les hommes politiques ?


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22 Millions

Two weeks before the election, 22 million Americans have already cast their ballots, breaking the record for early participation. The reason can be attributed to...

45 minutes

The presidential candidates were offered one last chance to convince Americans to vote for them in a 60 minute interview organised by the American TV channel...

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45 minutes

Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett has now officially replaced Ruth Baden Ginsburg at the Supreme Court. Contrary to her predecessor, who was...

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