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Paintings and other works of art, which were discovered in an abandoned barn in Connecticut, have turned out to be worth millions of dollars. Notified by a contractor, Jared Whipple, a mechanic from...


Un calmar nommé Biden

A newly discovered fossilised vampire squid has been named after US President, Joe Biden. The Syllipsimopodi bideni, which has been described as an “incredibly rare” fossil, was first dug up in...

Un calmar nommé Biden


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A new poll showed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is now at its lowest in history, with only 33 per cent of Americans expressing satisfaction with his...


A total of 791 medical undergraduates may be denied the chance to train as doctors in the NHS this year, despite the health service’s crippling shortage of...

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Ivanka Trump

Since the January 6 Committee was formed last July to investigate the events surrounding the attack on the Capitol, a not-insignificant number of Donald Trump’s allies have refused to cooperate. However, his...

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