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Cap sur les Cornouailles !

The British often choose to holiday at home. But this year, with borders closed, the number of “staycations” has exploded in the UK. Cornwall and Devon, in the South-West, have...

Cap sur les Cornouailles !

How can we use recycled plastic?

At the moment, plastics lose 95% of their value once recycled, and are only be used to create opaque fibre for clothing and carpets. Therefore, it is important that we find new ways to...

How can we use recycled plastic?


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121 000

The 4th of July, or ‘Independence Day’, celebrates America's independence from Britain – an event that took place on the...


The Republican Party is becoming increasingly extreme with senators recently blocking a commission to study last January's attack on the...

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Justin Bieber à l'Élysée ?

The 21st of June was the Fête de la Musique in France – and the Élysée welcomed quite a guest for the occasion. At his own request, Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, was invited to the...

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