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La Silicon Valley est-elle vraiment l’emblème du nouveau rêve américain ?

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Noël en chiffres

Christmas is no small event in Britain and, by the end of November, the British are already buying gifts, attending Christmas related events and eating...

Noël en chiffres

Keir Starmer

A successful, human rights lawyer, witty yet seemingly humourless and considered (by some) to be charming: are we talking about Bridget Jones' Mark Darcy, or...

Keir Starmer


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En chiffres

40 000

The pandemic has often highlighted the flaws of the European and American healthcare systems, with many medics demanding more...

600 millions

The coronavirus vaccine may be a good news for rich countries – but it may take years before poorer ones can...

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Les personnalités

600 millions

John Kerry

In 2016, John Kerry, Barack Obama's secretary of state, signed the Paris agreement. Who could have predicted that, four years later, he would...

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