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  • 3 millions

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election in 2016 because of the way the U.S. electoral system is constructed. Here are three facts to understand it better:

    - On election day, Americans vote for electors – not for a candidate. Each state has a given number of electors based on the size of its population. For example, California has 55 e while Wyoming only has 3.

    - Electors are elected as a group. For example, if a political party secures a majority of 51% in California, it will still win its 55 electors, and not just half of them. Each State votes for one party or the other.

    - This means that, in total, more people can vote for one candidate without him or her being elected, if he or she fails to secure a majority by a small amount in certain states.

    Hilary Clinton wasn't the first one to win the popular vote and lose the election: in 2000, Al Gore gained more votes compared to George W. Bush.

    way/façon, manière - state/état - given/ici, certain - size/taille - to secure/ci, obtenir - to mean, meant, meant/signifier, vouloir dire - to fail to/ne pas parvenir à - amount/ici, degré, marge - to gain/obtenir

    Publié le 15/10/2020

  • 1 million

    Fire season is a natural annual occurrence in California, as part of its ecosystem. However, the fires have have been wildly out of control in recent years – the average number of burnt land doubled between the 1990's and the 2010's. In 2020 alone, one million hectares have already been destroyed. The main reason is the increasing influence of climate change, with hotter temperatures creating drier landscapes and therefore more fire. Because of California's urban development, fires are also increasingly destructive: as cities spread, more and more homes are being built in woodland areas – leaving them an easy target for the flames.

    occurrence/phénomène - wildly/ici, totalement - average/moyen - land/terre, terrain - main/principal - increasing/croissant - landscape/paysage, environnement - therefore/donc, par conséquent - to spread, spread, spread/s’étendre, se développer - woodland/boisé - area/zone - target/cible

    Publié le 28/09/2020

  • 80 million

    76% of Americans will be eligible to vote by mail for November's presidential election – and many may well do so, with 80 million voters predicted to cast their ballot by post – more than twice as many as in 2016. This change is driven by the pandemic, as many fear polling stations will encourage virus transmission. Surprisingly, voting by mail may mean less absentees and a higher turnout – as was the case during primaries, when voting by mail was encouraged in certain states. However, Trump is promoting his own version of these events, claiming that voting by post will do nothing but help Democrats. He has proceeded to block postal funds to prevent expanded mail-in voting. Many have called his decision an attack on democracy.

    to be eligible/avoir le droit - by mail/par correspondance - to predict/prévoir - to cast, cast, cast one's ballot/ici, voter (déposer son bulletin de vote) - twice as many/ici, le double - to be driven by/ici, être dû à - to fear/craindre - polling station/bureau de vote - turnout/participation (électorale) - primaries/élections primaires de sélection du candidat officiel d'un parti à la présidence - to promote/défendre, soutenir - to claim/affirmer, prétendre - to prevent/empêcher - mail-in/par correspondance

    Publié le 31/08/2020

  • 68%

    Trump expected a raucous return for his first electoral rally in three months. He arrived in Tulsa, where only 6,200 supporters showed up, against the 19,000 the arena could hold: a decrease of 68%. A disappointing number, for a president who boasted about ''never having an empty seat'' at a rally throughout his 2016 campaign. What happened? Commentators have blamed a recent local coronavirus outbreak, Trump's abrupt decrease in popularity over the last few months and... TikTok! Many users posted videos about booking a ticket with no intention of going – leaving Trump's team to think that attendance would be much larger than it actually was.

    to expect/(s')attendre (à), espérer - raucous/retentissant, très animé - rally/rassemblement - supporter/partisan - to show, showed, showed or shown up/être présent, se présenter - to hold, held, held/contenir, accueillir - to boast about/se vanter de - to blame/imputer à, mettre sur le compte de - outbreak/épidémie - to book/réserver - attendance/fréquentation, nombre de spectateurs - actually/réellement

    Publié le 2/07/2020

  • 15%

    An economic slowdown, renewable energy growth and the impact of Covid-19 have led to the first year-on-year reduction in India’s CO2 emissions in four decades. Emissions fell by around 1% in the fiscal year ending March 2020, as coal consumption fell and oil consumption flatlined. According to the Carbon Brief, the country’s CO2 emissions fell by an estimated 15% during the month of March and are likely to have fallen 30% in April.

    slowdown/ralentissement, récession - renewable energy/énergie renouvelable - growth/croissance - year-on-year/d'une année sur l'autre - coal/charbon - oil/pétrole - to flatline/stagner - according to/d'après, selon - estimated/environ - to be likely to/ici, sembler

    Publié le 25/05/2020

  • 29 000 000 de £

    Captain Tom Moore is a former British Army officer known for his efforts to raise money for charity in the run-up to his 100th birthday during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. On 6 April 2020, at the age of 99, the Second Wold War veteran began to walk around his garden in aid of NHS Charities Together during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the goal of raising £1,000 by his hundredth birthday. By 26 April he had raised over £29 million.

    former/ancien, ex - to raise money/collecter des fonds - charity/œuvre caritative - in the run-up to/à l'approche de - NHS = National Health Service/système de santé public britannique - goal/objectif - over/ici, plus de

    Publié le 28/04/2020

  • 1,311

    The British Museum revealed that 1,311 treasures were discovered by members of the public across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2019 thanks to metal detectors. These finds included an iron age drinking set, a solid gold bronze age arm ring and a coin which helps tell the story of Carausius, a usurper emperor who in 286AD broke Britain away from Europe.

    Wales/(le) Pays de Galles - iron/(de) fer - set/ici, service - coin/pièce (de monnaie) - AD = Anno Domini/après Jésus-Christ - to break, broke, broken away from/séparer

    Publié le 1/04/2020

  • 1,75 billion

    Cannabis shops in Colorado recorded sales of nearly 1.75 billion dollars in 2019. This represents a new annual sales record for the state home to the longest-established recreational cannabis industry in the United States. This also means more money in tax revenue for the state, which is used to fund programmes such as school construction, law enforcement, public health, drug education and public safety.

    to record/enregistrer - billion/milliard - to be home/to abriter - tax revenue/recettes fiscales - law enforcement/application de la loi, maintien de l’ordre; ici, forces de l’ordre - health/santé - safety/sécurité, sûreté

    Publié le 28/02/2020

  • 11,000,000,000

    Walt Disney Studios topped the $11 billion mark ($11.1191 billion) worldwide for the first time in industry history, far surpassing the previous record of $7.6053 billion set by the studio in 2016. The studio released a record six movies last year that surpassed 1 billion dollars globally: Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, The Lion King and Frozen II. That crop of billion-dollar releases includes two of the ten highest-grossing worldwide releases of all time: Avengers: Endgame, which stole away the No. 1 spot from Avatar earlier this year; and The Lion King, which currently sits at No. 7 on the all-time list.

    to top the mark/franchir la barre des, dépasser les... - billion/milliard - worldwide/dans le monde (entier) - previous/précédent - to set, set, set/ici, établir - to release/sortir - globally/à l'échelle mondiale - Frozen II/(VF) La Reine des neiges - crop/moisson; ici, cuvée - release/ici, film - to gross/rapporter (recette brute) ici, the highest-grossing/les plus lucratifs - spot/place - currently/actuellement - to sit, sat, sat/ici, se trouver, être

    Publié le 3/02/2020

  • 5 000

    The number of homeless people in England has risen to 280,000 — with one in every 200 people currently without a home, according to a housing charity. This is the highest figure on record since the charity started monitoring the situation in 2016. The figure is particularly concerning in London where 170,000 — or one in 52 — are homeless. On any one winter night, around 5, 000 people in Britain sleep rough.

    homeless/sans abri - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter; ici, passer à - one in every/une personne sur - currently/actuellement - according to/d’après, selon - figure/chiffre - on record/jamais enregistré - to monitor/surveiller, suivre l’évolution de - concerning/inquiétant - to sleep, slept, slept rough/dormir dehors/dans la rue

    Publié le 6/01/2020

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