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  • 8,000 year old human skull

    8,000 year old human skull

    Part of a skull was found by two kayakers on a Minnesota river depleted by drought last September. Thinking it might be related to a missing person case or murder, Renville County Sheriff, Scott Hable, shared the skull with a medical examiner and eventually with the FBI. A forensic anthropologist used carbon dating to determine it was likely the skull of a young man who lived in that area between 5500 and 6000 BC. After the sheriff posted about the discovery on May 18, his office was criticised by Native Americans, who said publishing photos of ancestral remains was offensive to their culture. Hable said the remains will be turned over to Upper Sioux Community tribal officials.

    skull/crâne - to deplete/épuiser - drought/sécheresse - case/affaire - medical examiner/ médecin légiste - eventually/finalement, par la suite - forensic/médico-légal - carbon dating/datation au carbone 14 - likely/vraisemblablement - remains/restes, ossements - offensive/offensant, blessant, choquant - to turn over to/restituer à - official/responsable, représentant

    Publié le 7/06/2022
  • Paintings


    Paintings and other works of art, which were discovered in an abandoned barn in Connecticut, have turned out to be worth millions of dollars. Notified by a contractor, Jared Whipple, a mechanic from Waterbury, retrieved the dirt-covered pieces from a dumpster which contained materials from a barn in Watertown. Whipple later found out the works were by Francis Hines, an abstract expressionist, who died in 2016 at the age of 96, and who had stored his work in the barn. He was renowned for his “wrapping” pieces, in which fabric is wrapped around an object.

    barn/grange - to turn out to be/s'avérer, se révéler (être) - to be worth/valoir - contractor/entrepreneur - mechanic/mécanicien - to retrieve/récupérer - dirt/saleté - dumpster/benne à ordures - to find, found, found out/découvrir, apprendre - to store/conserver - renowned/célèbre - wrapping/emballage - fabric/tissu

    Publié le 25/04/2022
  • Un calmar nommé Biden

    Un calmar nommé Biden

    A newly discovered fossilised vampire squid has been named after US President, Joe Biden. The Syllipsimopodi bideni, which has been described as an “incredibly rare” fossil, was first dug up in Montana and donated to the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada in 1988. But it sat untouched in a drawer for decades until a scientist pulled it out for a closer look. The fossil’s first name translates roughly to “prehensile foot”, since it has 10 arms and is the oldest known cephalopod to have suckers on each of its arms. Their decision to name the squid after Biden came as they were “encouraged by his plans to address climate change and fund scientific research”.

    newly/récemment - squid/calamar (céphalopode) - to be named after/porter le nom de, être baptisé en l'honneur de - to dig, dug, dug up/ici, ressortir - drawer/tiroir - to pull out/ressortir - roughly/approximativement - prehensile/préhensile (qui est capable de saisir) - sucker/ventouse - to address/s'attaquer à, tenter de trouver une solution à - to fund/financer

    Publié le 29/03/2022
  • Titanic Belfast

    Titanic Belfast

    Award-winning tourist attraction and iconic monument in Northern Ireland, Titanic Belfast celebrates its 10th anniversary since opening in 2012. The museum is comprised of six floors of interactive galleries in the place where the actual Titanic was built and launched. Visitors follow the story of the legendary ship from its design, construction, to its ill-fated end.

    award-winning/primé - iconic/emblématique, célèbre - floor/étage - to launch/lancer; ici, envoyer en mer - ship/navire - design/conception - ill-fated/funeste, malheureux

    Publié le 28/02/2022
  • Cows


    After many famous productions, such as Fish Tank and American Honey, Andrea Arnold's first documentary, Cow, earned rave reviews from the critics. Its subject matter is rather unusual as the film follows a family of cows. Luma, the mother, has her two daughters taken away from her while they are still calves. By encouraging this emotional connection with the characters, Arnold is criticising the current practices of the meat and dairy industry. An original way to make her point which been a big hit with viewers.

    Publié le 1/02/2022
  • Melania Trump launches NFT

    Melania Trump launches NFT

    Melania Trump has announced that she is launching her own NFT platform after premiering her first offering: a painting of herself. “I am proud to announce my new NFT endeavor, which embodies my passion for the arts and will support my ongoing commitment to children through my Be Best initiative”. An undisclosed portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to educating children ageing out of foster care in computer science skills. Her first NFT offering, titled Melania’s Vision (2021), is a watercolor of the former First Lady’s eyes by French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, who stated he was happy to collaborate with the charitable operation.

    to launch/lancer - NFT = non-fungible token/jeton non fongible - to premiere/projeter en avant-première - offering/ici, œuvre - endeavor/entreprise - to embody/incarner - ongoing/continu - commitment/engagement - undisclosed/non divulgué, tenu secret - proceeds/recettes - to age out of/devenir trop âgé pour - foster care/famille d'accueil - computer science/informatique - watercolor/aquarelle

    Publié le 23/12/2021
  • Space tacos!

    Space tacos!

    Astronauts at the International Space Station recently had, what they called “the best space tacos yet”. Astronauts usually eat packaged food. But recent experiments onboard the station allowed them to start growing their own vegetables: last year, it led to the first space-grown lettuce. Chillies, which are a more difficult crop have started sprouting in the station’s garden, thus providing a delicious addition to the tacos. This is proof that more complex vegetables can be grown outside of the earth’s atmosphere, which may help secure food supplies for future longer trips – to Mars, for example, as reaching the planet could last up to 3 years!

    yet/à ce jour - packaged food/produits alimentaires emballés - to allow/permettre - to grow, grew, grown/faire pousser, cultiver - vegetable/légume - to lead, led, led to/conduire, aboutir à - chilli/piment - crop/culture - to sprout/germer - to provide/fournir - to secure/obtenir, (s') assurer - food supplies/vivres - trip/voyage

    Publié le 6/12/2021
  • Ménager la chèvre...

    Ménager la chèvre...

    How can Californian wildfires be prevented from being so devastating in the future? As fire season ends, the state has had an incongruous idea to improve the situation: using goats. Letting the animals graze in the wild could indeed help with preventing fires from spreading in certain areas. A particular grazing method, developed by goat herders, curtails the area where goats are grazing, and makes it more fire-proof than normal. Goats can graze higher than other animals, preventing fires from spreading, and their manure also helps, as it enriches the soil thereby providing better water retention.

    wildfire/incendie (dévastateur), feu de forêt - to prevent/empêcher - to improve/améliorer - goat/chèvre - to graze/paître, brouter - wild/nature (sauvage) - to spread, spread, spread/se répandre, se propager - herder/gardien de troupeau - to curtail/réduire, limiter - fire-proof/à l'épreuve du feu - manure/fumier - thereby/ainsi, ce faisant - to provide/offrir

    Publié le 21/10/2021
  • Peacocks


    Peacocks have proliferated in the sunny suburbs of Los Angeles, as the result of an epidemic – unrelated to coronavirus – which has pushed them out of their natural habitat. Though the birds are reputed for their beauty, they are now wreaking havoc on entire neighbourhoods: some are aggressive and noisy, while others regularly destroy flower beds and shatter shiny surfaces – as they mistakenly think their reflection is a rival. As a response, the county of Los Angeles is setting up measures to make it illegal for locals to feed them, so they will naturally seek new, and a more natural territory.

    peacock/paon - suburb/banlieue - to wreak havoc/faire des ravages - neighbourhood/quartier - noisy/bruyant - flower bed/parterre - to shatter/briser, (faire) voler en éclats, détruire, ruiner - shiny/étincelant, brillant - mistakenly/par erreur - reflection/reflet - county/comté (aux É.-U., collectivité locale la plus importante à l'intérieur d'un État) - to set, set, set up/mettre en place - local/habitant

    Publié le 28/09/2021
  • Studying happiness

    Studying happiness

    Studying happiness does, indeed, seem to make people more happy. Students from the University of Bristol, who enrolled in a three month “Science of Happiness” course – the first of its kind in the country – were found to be more upbeat than their counterparts. The course involves studying happiness (why it happens, and what it means) but also involves practical exercises (such as mindfulness, performing acts of kindness and exercising). It was created in response to the increasing mental health problems students encounter in the UK , and is proving to be a popular option. The cohort who took it in 2019 had an overall higher sense of well-being in comparison with their peers.

    to seem/sembler - to enroll/s'inscrire - of its kind/de ce type - upbeat/enjoué, optimiste - counterpart/homologue - to involve/ici, consister à - mindfulness/pleine conscience (conscience vigilante de ses propres pensées, actions et motivations) - to perform/accomplir, réaliser - act of kindness/acte de gentillesse, bonne action - to exercise/faire du sport - to encounter/connaître, faire l'expérience de - to prove to be/s'avérer - to take, took, taken/ici, suivre (un cours) - overall/dans l'ensemble, globalement - well-being/bien-être - peer/pair, camarade

    Publié le 1/09/2021

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