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  • Jacinda Ardern’s baby

    Jacinda Ardern’s baby

    Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, has named her baby girl after a town. The baby, whose full name is Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford, has her second name taken from the mountain and small rural town of Te Aroha, which means "love" in the Te Reo Māori language. Jacinda Ardern, who grew up in a nearby town, under Mount Te Aroha, said: "It was our way of reflecting the amount of love that this baby has been shown before she even arrived". Locals were ecstatic at this announcement, saying that this name has put their town on the map. They also invited the Prime Minister to take part in the traditional Māori ceremony of burying the afterbirth in the earth of Te Aroha.

    nearby/voisin, proche - to reflect/refléter - amount/quantité – local/habitant (de la ville) – ecstatic/ravi - to put, put, put sth on the map/faire connaître qqch (map/carte) - to bury/ensevelir, enfouir – afterbirth/placenta

    Publié le 5/07/2018
  • A fountain adorned with more than 220 wooden penises

    A fountain adorned with more than 220 wooden penises

    The Dutch city of Leeuwarden, which was made European capital of culture 2018, commissioned 11 fountains by international artists to adorn several cities in the province of Friesland. However, a group of local artists from the city of Workum were not happy with the lion fountain that British artist Cornelia Parker designed for their city, stating: “[...] it’s ironic that the Frisian population was not involved in the decision-making and that no Frisian artist has been asked to design a fountain.” To protest this “elitist” art project, artist Henk de Boer created a fountain adorned with more than 220 wooden penises, which has a public toilet inside. He drew his inspiration from the Dutch expression “Jan Lul”, used to describe someone who is excluded. The crowdfunded fountain is portable and will tour several other Frisian cities in the forthcoming months...

    Dutch/néerlandais - to commission/commander - to adorn/orner, décorer - several/plusieurs - however/cependant - to design/concevoir - to state/déclarer - to involve/impliquer - decision-making/prise de décision - to draw, drew, drawn inspiration from/s’inspirer de - willy (fam.)/zizi (fam.) - to crowdfund/produire (qqch) grâce au financement participatif - to tour/ici, faire le tour - forthcoming/à venir

    Publié le 7/06/2018
  • Brits and chocolate

    Brits and chocolate

    According to new data, the consumption of chocolate is on the increase worldwide. The British, in particular, are consuming more chocolate with an average of 8.4 kg of per person in 2017. Overall, the increase is due in part to the importance of "seasonal products as a whole," with a lot of holiday-themed chocolates on offer, especially for Easter. The report also shows that the production of chocolate bites has risen a lot in the last five years, potentially because they provide an easier way to measure intake and are more compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

    data/données ici, statistiques - to be on the increase/être en hausse - overall/globalement - seasonal/de saison - as a whole/dans l'ensemble - holiday-themed/ici, pour les fêtes - Easter/Pâques - bite/bouchée - intake/ici, apport calorique - healthy/sain

    Publié le 23/04/2018
  • Moines trappistes en guerre

    Moines trappistes en guerre

    Belgian monks from Saint Sixtus abbey were shocked when they discovered that the Dutch supermarket brand Jan Linders was selling their brew at very high price, without their permission or knowledge. A spokesman for the abbey said: “A price of nearly €10 per bottle goes against the ethical standards and values that the monks live by. Every beer lover knows that the Trappists of Westvleteren do not pursue profit maximisation.” Under the abbey’s rules, the beer can only be purchased on site in small quantities. The monks have taken legal action against the company.

    monk/moine – abbey/abbaye – Dutch/néerlandais – brand/marque, nom; ici, enseigne – brew/ici, bière (to brew/brasser) – spokesman/porte-parole – nearly/presque - to go, went, gone against/aller à l'encontre de – standards/principes (éthiques) - to live by/ici, respecter, appliquer - to pursue/ici, être à la recherche de – profit/bénéfice (commercial) – under/d'après, en vertu de – rules/règlement - to purchase/acheter - to take, took, taken legal action against/intenter un procès à-contre

    Publié le 30/03/2018
  • Rock’n venom!

    Rock’n venom!

    For nearly 30 years, British rock musician Steve Ludwin has been injecting himself with snake venom for “self-immunization”, despite medical experts’ warnings. He has been shooting venom into his skin from some of the world’s deadliest snakes. But what had looked like madness for years may revolutionize medicine. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have worked with Steve Ludwin for four years, taking bone marrow and blood samples from him in order to develop the first human-derived anti-venom. If they manage to create this anti-venom, it could save thousands of lives.

    venom/venin - warning/mise en garde, avertissement - to shoot, shot, shot/ici, s'injecter - deadly/mortel - madness/folie - researcher/chercheur - bone marrow/moelle osseuse - blood/(de) sang, sanguin - sample/prélèvement

    Publié le 5/03/2018
  • Boris Johnson’s grand

    Boris Johnson’s grand "mummy"

    Scientists in the Swiss city of Basel have solved a forty-year-old mystery over the identity of a mummified woman who died in 1787. Thanks to DNA testing they discovered that this corpse found buried in a church in 1975 was the great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother of… UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson! The British politician revealed he was very proud to be descended from this ancient mummified Swiss woman who died of syphilis. "Very excited to hear about my late great grand 'mummy' - a pioneer in sexual health care. Very proud," he joked on Twitter.

    to solve/résoudre - over/ici, au sujet de - to mummify/momifier - thanks to/grâce à - DNA/ADN (acide désoxyribonucléique) - corpse/dépouille - to bury/enterrer - great/ici, arrière - foreign secretary/ministre des Affaires étrangères - proud/fier - ancient/très ancient - late/ici, défunt - health care/soins de santé

    Publié le 5/02/2018
  • When Harry met Barack

    When Harry met Barack

    It was the prince, and the president. Last month, the BBC aired a very special interview of Barack Obama, conducted by Prince Harry for the Today programme. The prince asked Obama about his memories of the day he left office, his post-presidential life, his work with the Obama Foundation, the role of social media and his hopes for the future. But the interview wasn’t all about politics. Prince Harry couldn’t resist buttoning it up at the end of the conversation with a rapid-fire series of questions like ‘Chris Rock’ or ‘The Rock’ ? Boxers or briefs? LeBron James or Michael Jordan? The interview was recorded in Toronto in September during the Invictus Games, a sports event for injured military personnel championed by Harry. So, will Barack Obama be invited to the Royal Wedding in May? Prince Harry has said he and Meghan Markle are yet to work out the guest list to the wedding.

    When Harry met Barack/réf. au film When Harry met Sally de Rob Reiner (1989) - to air/diffuser - to leave, left, left office/quitter ses fonctions - to button up/ici, conclure - rapid-fire/en rafale, rapide - Chris Rock/humoriste, acteur, réalisateur et producteur américain - The Rock/surnom de Dwayne Johnson, catcheur, acteur et producteur américano-canadien – boxers/(n. pl.) caleçon – briefs/(n. pl.) slip – injured/blessé - to champion/soutenir - to work out/ici, réfléchir à

    Publié le 4/01/2018
  • Archaeologists unearth 'sphinx' in California sand dunes

    Archaeologists unearth 'sphinx' in California sand dunes

    The discovery of head of a sphinx uncovered from beneath the sand dunes of California has blown the dust off one of the greatest stories of extravagance in Hollywood history. On the central California coast, archaeologists have dug up an intact plaster sphinx that was part of an Egyptian movie set built more than 90 years ago for “The Ten Commandments.” The 300-pound sphinx is the second recovered from the Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes. The set of the 1923 movie included more than 20 sphinxes. After filming, American director DeMille ordered everything buried in the dunes 175 miles northwest of Los Angeles. They lay undisturbed for decades before recovery efforts began. The newly recovered sphinx is expected to go on display at the dunes museum next summer.

    to unearth/exhumer, mettre au jour - to uncover/découvrir - to blow, blew, blown the dust off sth/dépoussiérer ici, exhumer - to dig, dug, dug up/déterrer - movie set/décor de cinéma - to recover/retrouver - to bury/enterrer - mile = 1,609 km - to lay, laid, laid undisturbed/demeurer en l'état - to go, went, gone on display/être exposé

    Publié le 8/12/2017
  • Honolulu says no to

    Honolulu says no to "phone zombies"

    Don’t text while walking! In Honolulu, Hawaii’s largest city, staring at your phone while crossing the street is now illegal. The city has passed a law that allows the police to fine pedestrians up to $35 dollars for staring at their phones while crossing the road. The bill states that “no pedestrian shall cross a street or highway while viewing a mobile electronic device”. “This is really milestone legislation that sets the bar high for safety,” Brandon Elefante, the member of the city council who proposed the bill told the New York Times. In the United States, pedestrian deaths rose 11% in 2016 to nearly 6,000, according to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, which cited “an increase in walking as a primary mode of transportation, and distraction due to growing use of smartphone technology” as potential factors for the jump.

    to text/envoyer un texto, un SMS – while/ici, tout en - to stare at/regarder (fixement) - to cross/traverser - to pass/ici, voter – law/loi - to allow/autoriser - to fine/infliger une amende à – pedestrian/piéton – bill/proposition de loi - to state/stipuler – highway/grand-route, route nationale, autoroute - to view/regarder – device/appareil – milestone/historique - to set, set, set/fixer, mettre – safety/sécurité - city council/conseil municipal – death/mort, décès - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter – nearly/presque, près de - according to/selon – report/rapport, étude – increase/augmentation – primary/principal – growing/croissant, grandissant – jump/ici, hausse

    Publié le 9/11/2017
  • A doll to fight discrimination

    A doll to fight discrimination

    Her name is Alexa and she’s got a beautiful blond afro. In South Africa, a young designer has just introduced a doll with albinism to promote tolerance. The albino doll is part of the Malaville collection which celebrates natural hair and all skin tones. She was created to challenge prejudice and discrimination against albinism. “Teaching children from an early age will help change the views of a new generation for the better; they will then treat people with albinism as equals,” Alexa’s creator Mala Bryan said in an interview with The Huffington Post. Today, people with albinism are still persecuted, hunted down and killed for their body parts in eastern and southern Africa, and children are particularly at risk.

    doll/poupée – afro/coiffure afro – skin/peau – tone/ici, teinte, couleur - to challenge/remettre en question, s'opposer à – prejudice/préjugé(s) - to change sth for the better/modifier positivement qqch - to hunt down/traquer, pourchasser - at risk/menacé, en danger

    Publié le 3/10/2017

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