• Mary Lou McDonald

    Mary Lou McDonald

    Sinn Féin, the Irish Party that is also active in Northern Ireland and whose ultimate goal is Ireland’s reunification, has a new leader. Mary Lou McDonald was named President of the party last February in Dublin. The new leader embodies what has been described as a “generational change” within the party and should be attractive to a wider spectrum of voters in the Republic of Ireland. In her first speech as party president, Mary Lou McDonald said she wanted to win a referendum on Irish unity.

    ultimate/ultime, final - goal/objectif, but - to embody/incarner - [she] should be attractive to.../elle devrait s'attirer les faveurs de... - wider spectrum of voters/électorat plus large (spectrum/éventail)

    Publié le 5/03/2018
  • Tracey Crouch

    Tracey Crouch, the first minister for "loneliness"

    Last month, British prime minister Theresa May appointed Tracey Crouch to lead on issues connected to loneliness. In the UK, 9 million people often or always feel lonely according to a recent survey. Citing these numbers, May said it was “the sad reality of modern life” for far too many people, adding that it was crucial “to confront this challenge for our society and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones.” Tracey Crouch, who is a former minister for sports and civil society will now have to establish policies to tackle this issue.

    loneliness/solitude, isolement - to appoint/nommer - issue/question, problème - far/ici, bien - to take, took, taken action/agir, prendre des mesures - to address/s’attaquer à, tenter de trouver une solution à - to endure/subir - (the) elderly/(les) personnes âgées - careraidant (personne qui prodigue des soins) - loved one/être cher - former/ancien - to establish/mettre sur pied, en place - policy/politique (ligne d'action) - to tackle/tenter de résoudre

    Publié le 5/02/2018
  • South Africa’s ANC picks Cyril Ramaphosa as leader

    South Africa’s ANC picks Cyril Ramaphosa as leader

    South africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has elected Cyril Ramaphosa as its new leader, paving the way for him to become the country’s next president in 2019. This anti-apartheid activist and business tycoon was a protégé of Nelson Mandela, who had pushed unsuccessfully to name him as his successor in the late 1990s. After a tight race, he defeated Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the ex-wife of South Africa’s current president, Jacob Zuma, whose tenure has been controversial, with a series of corruption scandals undermining the image and legitimacy of the party. Ramaphosa has outlined plans to kick-start a stalled economy while tackling entrenched poverty and inequality.

    to pick/choisir - ruling party/parti au pouvoir - to pave the way for/ouvrir la voie à – tycoon/magnat - to push/ici, insister – unsuccessfully/en vain - tight race/élection très disputée - to defeat/battre – tenure/ici, bilan au pouvoir - to undermine/nuire à, fragiliser - to outline/donner un aperçu de, exposer à grands traits - to kick-start/donner un coup de fouet à, relancer - stalled economy/économie au point mort - to tackle/s'attaquer à – entrenched/profondément ancré

    Publié le 4/01/2018
  • Meghan Markle, a feminist among Britain’s royals

    Meghan Markle, a feminist among Britain’s royals

    With the upcoming marriage of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May, a feminist is set to become a member of the British royal family. The actress, who portrayed Rachel Zane on the show Suits, is a biracial American self-described feminist who has advocated for women and people of color on and off screen. Beyond her role as an ambassador for the charity "World Vision Canada," which works to improve children's lives in developing countries, Markle regularly asserts the feminist beliefs. "Aged 11, she forced a soap manufacturer to alter an advert after she wrote a letter to then First Lady Hillary Clinton and other high-profile figures complaining that it implied women belonged in the kitchen," wrote the BBC. Nowadays, the actress also campaigns for women's rights alongside the United Nations. In a speech she made on the 2015 International Women's Day, she said: "Women need a seat at the table, they need an invitation to be seated there, and in some cases, where this is not available, they need to create their own table."

    royals/famille royale – upcoming/à venir, prochain - to be set to/être sur le point de - to portray/incarner – Suits/Suits : Avocats sur mesure (série américaine créée en 2011) - self-described/autoproclamé - to advocate for/défendre la cause de - on screen and off/à l'écran et dans la vie de tous les jours - charity/association caritative - to assert/ici, soutenir - soap manufacturer/fabricant de savons - to alter/changer – advert/publicité – then/d'alors, de l'époque - high-profile/célèbre, très en vue – figure/personnalité - to complain/déplorer - to imply/laisser entendre - nowadays/de nos jours - to campaign/militer – alongside/aux côtés de – seat/siège, place

    Publié le 8/12/2017
  • Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda Ardern has become New Zealand’s prime minister, and its youngest leader for 150 years. After she became the country’s Labour leader this summer, Ardern – a 37-year-old former Mormon and occasional DJ – campaigned on a platform of hope and change. During the campaign, she made international headlines when she called out sexist questions about any plans to have a baby, saying such treatment of women was "unacceptable". As a prime minister, she pledged to deliver a better life for New Zealanders by ending child poverty, making rivers swimmable again, building affordable homes and preparing young people for an unpredictable future through free tertiary education and a bigger student allowance.

    Labour/(du parti) travailliste – former/ancien – platform/programme (électoral) – headline/gros titre - to call out/critiquer – plan/projet – such/ici, un tel - to pledge/promettre, s'engager à - to deliver/ici, assurer, offrir - to make, made, made/ici, rendre – affordable/abordable – unpredictable/incertain – through/ici, grâce à – allowance/allocation, bourse

    Publié le 9/11/2017
  • Theresa May

    Theresa May

    British Prime Minister Theresa May set out her Brexit strategy in a speech delivered in Florence on 22 September, on the eve of a fourth round of negotiations. She confirmed the UK’s plan for a two-year transition period after March 2019, when the country formally leaves the European Union. During this time, the UK will keep the same trading conditions and continue to pay into the EU budget. In her speech, Theresa May also made concessions on citizens’ rights, offering to write legal protections for EU citizens living in the UK. However, other questions, such as the status of the Irish border, remained unanswered. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the Prime Minister’s statements were "a step forward" but needed to be translated "into a precise negotiating position."

    to set, set, set out/présenter - to deliver/prononcer - on the eve of/à la veille de – round/ici, série - trading conditions/conditions commerciales - to pay, paid, paid into/contribuer à – border/frontière – statement/déclaration - step forward/pas en avant, progrès

    Publié le 3/10/2017
  • Amber Rudd

    Amber Rudd

    Police should use stop and search to "confront" an increase in acid attacks, the British home secretary has said. Writing in the Times, Amber Rudd said officers using the powers "appropriately" had her "full support". Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott warned against "a return to the bad old days of discriminatory stops". Ms Rudd - who is under pressure to tackle a rise in acid attacks - said stop and search powers had been "badly used" in the past. "I want to be crystal clear - we have given the police the powers they need and officers who use stop and search appropriately, with reasonable grounds and in a targeted and intelligence-led way, will always have my full support," she writes in The Times. "This includes using stop and search to confront the use of acid as an appalling weapon of violence." In July, the Home Office said "indicative figures" from 39 police forces across England and Wales suggested there were over 400 attacks with acid or other corrosive substances in the six months to April 2017.

    stop and search (powers)/pouvoirs en matière d'interpellation et de fouille – shadow/(du cabinet) fantôme - home secretary/ministre de l'Intérieur - to tackle/ici, combattre – ground/motif, raison - intelligence-led/fondé sur le renseignement – appalling/effroyable - Home Office/ministère de l'Intérieur britannique

    Publié le 28/08/2017
  • Leo Varadkar

    Leo Varadkar

    Last month, Leo Varadkar became the Republic of Ireland's new Taoiseach (prime minister). A parliamentary vote confirmed the 38-year-old as the country's youngest and first gay leader by 57 votes to 50, with 45 abstentions. The former GP, who is the son of an Irish nurse and a doctor from India, won the Fine Gael party leadership earlier in June. He made his leadership rival Simon Coveney the deputy leader of the party. Addressing the Dáil (Irish parliament) after his election, Mr Varadkar said: "I've been elected to lead but I promise to serve." "The government that I lead will not be one of left or right because those old divisions don't comprehend the political challenges of today. The government I lead will be one of the new European centre as we seek to build a republic of opportunity."

    Publié le 3/07/2017
  • Robert Mueller

    Robert Mueller

    Robert Mueller has been appointed to handle the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. He took the reins as FBI director a week before the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. That day influenced his entire 12-year run leading the agency. Mueller overhauled the agency to prioritize, first, the threat of terrorism from groups like al-Qaida and the Taliban, and then later, the threat from individuals not affiliated with any particular group, like the Tsarnaev brothers. He moved thousands of agents from criminal investigations into counterterrorism and national security. He received praise from lawmakers in both parties for his commitment to justice.

    to appoint/désigner, nommer - to handle/ici, mener – meddling/intervention, ingérence – run/ici, période - to overhaul/remanier, refondre – threat/menace – counterterrorism/anti-terrorisme - praise/louanges, éloges – lawmaker/législateur – commitment/engagement, attachement

    Publié le 2/06/2017
  • Theresa May

    Theresa May

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a snap general election on 8 June. She said Britain needed certainty, stability and strong leadership following the EU referendum. The prime minister recanted her repeated promise not to go to the polls before 2020 and accused opposition parties of trying to jeopardise her government’s preparations for exiting the EU as she called for what would be a third nationwide poll in three years. The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, responded by saying he would welcome the opportunity to fight an election opposing Tory austerity.

    snap/ici, rapide - general election/élections législatives – certainty/certitude - to recant/revenir sur - to go, went, gone to the polls/se rendre aux urnes (poll/vote, scrutin) - to jeopardise/compromettre, entraver - to exit/quitter – nationwide/d'envergure nationale – Labour/(du parti) travailliste – Tory/(du parti) conservateur

    Publié le 2/05/2017

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