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  • 100 million

    The number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations and persecution has now passed the milestone of 100 million for the first time on record, driven by the war in Ukraine and other conflicts. This amounts to more than one percent of the global population. "To reverse this trend, the only answer is peace and stability so that innocent people are not forced to gamble between acute danger at home or precarious flight and exile”, said United Nations Chief, Filippo Grandi. UNHCR will outline the full data on forced displacement in 2021 in its annual Global Trends Report, due for release on 16 June.

    to flee, fled, fled/fuir - to pass/dépasser, franchir - milestone/étape ici, barre - on record/jamais enregistré (dans les annales), de toute l'histoire - to be driven by/ici, être dû à-provoqué par - to amount to/équivaloir à, représenter - to reverse/inverser - trend/tendance - to gamble/miser, tabler - acute/ici, grave - UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees)/HCR (Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés) - to outline/exposer - release/publication, divulgation

    Publié le 7/06/2022

  • 33%

    A new poll showed that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is now at its lowest in history, with only 33 per cent of Americans expressing satisfaction with his job performance. In a poll on disapproval, he scored 54% percent of respondents dissatisfied with his performance, with 43% saying that they “strongly” disapproved. By contrast, just 18% said they strongly approved of the 46th President. His approval rating on the economy also dropped again in the fourth consecutive survey.

    poll/sondage - approval rating/cote de popularité - disapproval/désapprobation - to score/enregistrer - strongly/vivement - to drop/baisser - survey/enquête, sondage

    Publié le 25/04/2022

  • 791

    A total of 791 medical undergraduates may be denied the chance to train as doctors in the NHS this year, despite the health service’s crippling shortage of medics. The students, who have applied to start training as junior doctors at the start of August, have been told there are no places for them – the highest number ever. Doctors are worried that the mismatch between demand for and supply of training places will lead to the NHS missing out on the medics it desperately needs and that some of those denied a place will either decide to work abroad or give up medicine altogether.

    undergraduate/étudiant de premier cycle universitaire - to deny/ici, priver de - NHS = National Health Service/système de santé public britannique - crippling/terrible, accablant - shortage/pénurie - medic/médecin - to apply/postuler - training/formation - junior doctor/interne - mismatch/décalage - supply/offre - to miss out on/manquer, rater, passer à côté de - to give, gave, given up/renoncer à, abandonner - altogether/pour de bon

    Publié le 29/03/2022

  • Prehistoric Carved Drum

    A 5,000 year old prehistoric carved stone drum found 240 miles from Stonehenge in Yorkshire, is one of the most elaborately decorated objects of this period found anywhere in Britain and Ireland according to the British Museum. Its style echoes that of objects from Stonehenge and related sites. Seemingly created as a sculpture or talisman the drum was found alongside the grave of three children who were buried close together, touching or holding hands. The carvings suggest that communities across Britain and Ireland shared "artistic styles, and probably beliefs, over remarkable distances”.

    to carve/sculpter, creuser, tailler - drum/tambour - mile/1,609 km (ici, environ 385 km) - seemingly/vraisemblablement - alongside/aux côtés de - grave/tombe, sépulture - to bury/enterrer - to hold, held, held/tenir - belief/croyance

    Publié le 28/02/2022

  • 3%

    In spite of its restrictive policy, Britain needs migrants for its economy to survive. A recent article from The Economist stated that, with no foreigners coming to live in the UK, the population growth in 2030 will be just 3%, instead of 7% for the previous decade. This will likely result in slower economic growth and unfilled employment vacancies. The most significant challenge may be the difficulty in funding the UK’s current retirement system: 30% of Britons are now over 65 and need to be financially supported by the rest of the population.

    Publié le 1/02/2022

  • Game of Thrones studio

    The blockbuster TV series is over but Game of Thrones fans can continue to experience the Seven Kingdoms as a new HBO-backed Game of Thrones Studio Tour is set to open early February in Northern Ireland. Many of the series’ most memorable moments were filmed at the location and Northern Ireland has experienced a visitor boom thanks to the popularity of the series. The tour will take place in Linen Mill Studios, Banbridge (midway between Belfast and Dublin). The immersive experience brings Westeros to life and will evoke the show’s epic scale.

    blockbuster/(film) énorme succès - over/terminé - HBO-backed/soutenu par HBO - tour/visite (guidée) - to be set to/devoir (être prévu) - location/endroit, site - boom/essor, développement, explosion - to take, took, taken place/avoir lieu, se dérouler - midway/à mi-chemin - to bring, brought, brought to life/donner vie à, rendre réel - epic/grandiose, spectaculaire - scale/dimension, envergure, ampleur

    Publié le 3/01/2022

  • 1,7%

    Despite statistics suggesting that Americans are pessimistic about the economy and its raging inflation, there was a record level spending increase this autumn. Retail sales rose by 1.7% at the end of October. However, the appetite for shopping may still be slowing down overall: supply chain problems are still prevalent in the country, preventing the effective manufacturing and shipping of goods such as cars and electronics.

    to rage/faire rage - spending/dépenses - retail/commerce de détail, distribution - overall/dans l'ensemble, globalement - supply chain/chaîne d'approvisionnement - prevalent/répandu - to prevent/empêcher - manufacturing/fabrication, construction - shipping/transport, expédition - electronics/appareils électroniques

    Publié le 6/12/2021

  • 17%

    British people are eating 17% less red meat on a daily basis than they were ten years ago, according to a new study. To make up for it, the consumption of fish and white meat has increased, and so has the number of people choosing to be vegetarian and vegan, which rose by 3%. Green MP Caroline Lucas stated that this was a “minimum” if the nation is serious about slashing its emissions. The production of all meat – and particularly red meat – is particularly harmful to the environment, and represents about 14.5% of total emissions.

    meat/viande - on a daily basis/au quotidien - according to/d'après, selon - study/étude - to make, made, made up for/compenser - to rise, rose, risen/augmenter - MP = Member of Parliament/membre du parlement, député - to slash/réduire considérablement - harmful/néfaste, préjudiciable

    Publié le 21/10/2021

  • 100 million

    Joe Biden just announced a series of mandates making the Coronavirus vaccine compulsory for around 100 million Americans, about two-thirds of the total workforce. Any federal worker, or person in a company employing more than 100 people will be obliged to be vaccinated, or face unemployment. The US President presented this new measure as a response to the anti-vaxx movement, with support from politicians and much of the population… "Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated even though the vaccine is known to be safe, effective and free..." stated the President, "we have the tools to combat Covid-19, and [they] are preventing us from turning the corner."

    mandate/ordre, décret - compulsory/obligatoire - workforce/population active - unemployment/chômage - support/soutien - nearly/près de - safe/sûr - to state/déclarer - tool/outil - to prevent from (+ ger.)/empêcher de - to turn the corner/passer le cap; ici, sortir de cette situation

    Publié le 28/09/2021

  • 5 million

    Official statistics for the United Kingdom show that 5 million Europeans have successfully filled in – and obtained – settled status, meaning they can remain in the country without needing to apply for a visa. According to The Economist, most are from Poland, Romania and Italy and a significant number are quite young: where over 65s represent 19% of the UK population, only 2% of the 5 million applicants are in this age group. Finally, while they may cast their ballots for local candidates, they won't be able to vote in national elections. So will local politicians take them into account when forming their policies and campaigning?

    to fill in/remplir - settled/établi; ici, en règle - to mean, meant, meant/signifier, vouloir dire - to apply for/faire une demande de - significant/important - quite/assez - applicant/candidat, demandeur - to cast, cast, cast one's ballot/voter - to take, took, taken into account/tenir compte de - to form/façonner; ici, définir - policy/politique - to campaign/faire, mener campagne

    Publié le 1/09/2021

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