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Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

After more than 100 movies in over 45 years of acting, Tom Hanks is now drawing on his experience to craft a story in a very different medium - a novel. Titled The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece, it tells the story of a comic strip that becomes a multimillion dollar superhero movie. The book explores every step in the process of making a movie, from a difficult leading actor, to eccentric writers and countless behind-the-scenes workers. Ultimately, the two-time Oscar winner hopes to challenge people’s perceptions about how movies are made. So far, critics’ verdicts of the book have been lukewarm. But Tom Hanks says his "day job as a movie star" means he can "handle" any criticism.

 Anglais Français
to draw, drew, drawn on s’appuyer sur, utiliser
to craft créer
medium moyen d’expression
novel roman
comic strip bande dessinée
step ici, étape
leading ici, principal
countless beaucoup, de nombreux
behind-the-scenes en coulisses, dans l’ombre
lukewarm tiède, peu enthousiaste
to handle gérer, ici accueillir
criticism critique(s)