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Grand quiz de l'été 2024

Grand quiz de l'été

Quel crack êtes-vous en anglais ? Voici 20 phrases pour réviser le vocabulaire, la grammaire et la conjugaison... Faites le bon choix !

1. She is busy, she … dinner right now
2. My parents … a new car last week
3. They …. to the concert last night because of the strike
4. I … to London before! It’s an amazing city!
5. She … Mandarin for five years before she went to China
6. If I am late ….
7. It’s my first night in New York. What … I do first?
8. Dans une subordonnée avec 'if', le verbe est au présent si celui de la principale est au futur
9. When were you born?
10. How often do you go to the gym?
11. They fight like …. and ….
12. Comment traduisez-vous 'pare-brise' en anglais ?
13. It’s the talk of the …
14. The opposite of ‘still water’ is …
15. What is the name of the area where football takes place?
16. Ireland became independent in …
17. What is the Maori name of New Zealand?
18. How many boroughs are there in New York?
19. Which of these songs is not by The Beatles?
20. In which city can you find the Golden Gate Bridge?
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