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Les préfixes et suffixes

Préfixes et suffixes

Choisissez parmi les 3 propositions celle qui permet de former, avec le mot qui est proposé, un nouveau mot, pour donner un sens à la phrase

1. It is ...possible for John to get up before 9
2. I don't like Peter, it would be ...honest of me to pretend otherwise
3. The ground was so ...even that the young children could hardly walk
4. Who exactly knows the effects of global warming?
5. Tom feels sick each time he is on a boat, he isn't a good sail...
6. Vauban was a military engine..., he built fortifications
7. Mary has always been interested in creams, make-up, manicure. She wants to become a beauty...
8. Paganini, an Italian composer, is considered to be the greatest violin... who ever lived
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