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Holiday lets

Stricter rules for holiday lets

Under recent government plans, homeowners in England will be required to obtain planning permission before converting properties into short-term holiday lets in tourist hotspots. This could help out residents struggling to find suitable housing in popular holiday areas, such as Cornwall, the Lake District and Norfolk. Separately, the culture department has also ordered a consultation over plans to introduce a registration scheme for short-term lets. Airbnb said it welcomed the scheme but warned that any changes to the planning system would need to “strike a balance between protecting housing and supporting everyday families who let their space to help afford their home and keep pace with rising living costs”.

 Anglais Français
holiday let location de vacances
homeowner propriétaire
hotspot lieu très fréquenté; ici, destination prisée
to struggle avoir du mal (à)
suitable adéquat, approprié
housing logement
to order ordonner
to introduce instaurer, mettre en place
scheme système
to warn avertir, informer
to strike, struck, struck a balance établir un équilibre
to afford avoir les moyens
to keep, kept, kept pace with suivre le rythme de
rising en hausse