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Jennifer Bonjean

American lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, was recently hired by Harvey Weinstein to appeal his conviction in a Los Angeles court for sexual assault and rape, after a jury found him guilty, and being sentenced to 16 years in prison. She has become known for her aggressive approach to defending men accused of sexual misconduct in several of the highest profile cases of the #MeToo era, including R. Kelly, Bill Cosby and Keith Raniere. Her firm’s website claims Bonjean, who has the words “not guilty” tattooed on her arm, “works tirelessly to reverse the convictions of innocent people wrongly incarcerated”.

 Anglais Français
lawyer avocat(e)
to hire embaucher
conviction condamnation
sexual assault agression sexuelle
rape viol
to be found guilty être reconnu coupable
to sentence condamner
misconduct comportement répréhensible
high profile médiatisé
case affaire
to claim affirmer, prétendre
tirelessly sans relâche
to reverse ici, annuler